Kevin Stefanski: Guys are not on the same page defensively

NFL: SEP 18 Jets at Browns
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In Week Eight of the 2001 season, the Browns held a 21-7 lead over the Bears in the final minute before giving up two touchdowns and losing the game on an interception return in overtime.

Between that game and Sunday, 2,229 teams took a lead of at least 13 points into the final two minutes of a game and all 2,229 of them wound up winning. That streak came to an end thanks to the same team that blew the lead back in 2001.

The Jets scored twice in the final 82 seconds to stun the Browns 31-30 in Cleveland and they got the ball rolling when Joe Flacco hit a wide open Corey Davis for a 66-yard score. A successful onside kick and a relatively easy 53-yard scoring drive followed Davis’ score to hand the Browns a loss a week after they nearly gave a game away against the Panthers.

“Obviously, guys not on the same page,” Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said, via Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It was very, very clear what we were doing. We talked about it on the sideline before everybody went out and talked to the entire defense about what they were about to do, which was try and throw it over our head. We can’t let that happen. We have a young football team and, unfortunately, that youth at times has shown up here, and we have to grow up real fast.”

Stefanski isn’t overselling the need for the Browns to make corrections quickly. They have a Thursday game against the Steelers, so they’ll have to turn the page and fix what’s wrong in a hurry if they want to avoid a 1-2 start to the season.

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  1. I’ve been saying this since Stefanski got there. Joe Wood is not the DC you want if you’re a serious contender. He does not maximize his talent. You saw it when that Denver defense fell off after he took over.

  2. Barring the refs ignoring the rule book and not calling an intentional grounding on the fake spike in week 1, they probably would be 0-2. The ref must have felt sorry for them.

    Before this, the Bengals kicking adventures in week 1, was the worst way to blow a gimmee win to end the game this year. Of course the Bengals decided not to show up last night either but this was an all-time bad screwup of game endings.

    No one is going to top this one for years, except maybe the Browns.

  3. The change needed is our DC. It’s simple, Stafanski. Either you make a change now or there is a certain owner (who we already know has an itchy trigger finger) changes you. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN!

  4. If Kevin Stefanski wants to fix the defense then he needs to give up offensive play calling and concentrate on being a head coach.That means making changes to the coaching staff if necessary on not only defense but special teams too.I like Mike Priefer but maybe his working for someone junior to him at Minnesota wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  5. Same coach, same mantra, same results. Does anybody really expect this to be fixed? Youth has nothing to do with this. These guys have played football for most of their lives. If you feel you’ve seen epic failure from your team, watch the Browns, they will blow you away with they lose games.

  6. I don’t want to hear excuses about “miscommunication” because its basic football IQ. Know the situation that you’re in and execute. When the other team doesn’t have timeouts with under two minutes left, you keep them in bounds and don’t get beat deep. The Browns let them march down the field twice and you had guys jogging. Beyond pathetic performance to end the game.

  7. How can Denzel Ward let a WR run right bye him and do absolutely nothing you call that defense ? i assume that was zone coverage which when you call it your sure to lose. The DC is inept and should be fired today and promote Chris Kiffin . Put the ST coach on notice he’s on a short leash watching that onside kick i saw 3 guys none of them wanted that ball they tried hard not to get close to it especially David Bell he played coward ball i am so disappointed in him .

  8. This defense has quit on Joe Woods more times than I can count. Going back to their playoff loss in KC in 2020. 3rd and 13 and they let Chad Henne run for 14 yards. They quit then and they quit yesterday. This team has no discipline, is poorly coached, and the GM won’t acknowledge he missed on the drafting of Anthony Schwartz. They got lucky last week. Played poorly again yesterday and got what they deserved. Now we have the Steelers in 3 days. As bad as they look, I think the Steelers are gonna have their way with us on Thursday. As Mike Polk said, it is statistically harder for a team to be this consistently bad than it is for them to occasionally, accidentally be good.

  9. Multiple times in the same game. Multiple times in consecutive games. Its a failure of coaching, players, and captains.

    There is zero excuse for that type of failure in professional sports. They were rushing three, and dropping 8. That any opposing player runs wide open when dropping 8 is a failure of Clevelandonian proportions.

  10. Instead of calling plays that I think you do a terrible job why don’t you make your coaches accountable for there continuous blunders week in and week out

  11. The secondary quit on this game about two minutes too early, certainly. But before that, Stefanski and Woods had quit coaching and it wasn’t the first time on Sunday – they all also quit with a minute left in the first half.

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