Matt Rhule: We’re close, I believe that with all my heart

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
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Sunday’s 19-16 loss to the Giants was the second of the year for the Panthers and their ninth in a row dating back to last season.

The loss also dropped head coach Matt Rhule’s record to 10-25 in two-plus seasons in the job. That’s not a good path for job security and one has to wonder how much longer the Panthers will give Rhule when his team seems to specialize in finding just enough ways to make mistakes to ensure that they lose each and every week.

In his postgame comments on Sunday, Rhule tried to make the argument that the team is close to turning things around.

“We’re close. I believe that with all my heart. I think we’re so close coming down the stretch. But we haven’t found a way to get it done,” Rhule said, via Joseph Person of “That’s my job — to help us get over that last hump. That’s the hardest part, and we haven’t done it, yet. Didn’t do it today.”

Defensive end Brian Burns told reporters he’s “tired of being close” and that sentiment is likely shared by plenty of others around the organization. If owner David Tepper is part of that group, someone else might wind up responsible for trying to get the team over the final hump.

22 responses to “Matt Rhule: We’re close, I believe that with all my heart

  1. When a coach says, we’re close, and involves his heart or gut, or deep down feelings – it’s already over. Hottest seat in the league.

  2. Yeah, close. Close to finally firing you. Go back to college where your lack of game planning and lack of adjustments have a chance to work.

  3. After 25 games, Panther fans have a good read on things. The Panthers are very close to being the worst team in the NFL and Matt Rhule needs to go back to college.

  4. Dead man walking. He has been over his head since day one. They don’t have a qb on the planet left to blame.

  5. Close to being fired, perhaps…. I am a giants season ticket holder, and I was at the game. Even with 2 turnovers early on (leading to 6 giants points), the game was always in reach for the Panthers. And they just couldn’t do it. I can’t see how they can continue much longer with Rhule – unless there is a fear of firing him owing him so much money. You figure he signed a 7 year $62 million contract (not including the buy out money paid to Baylor). Since this is his third season, he still has about 35 million remaining after this season.

  6. Bring back Cam! That would be entertaining.
    Carolina has never stopped feeling like an expansion team.

  7. I hear Urban Meyer and Adam Gase are available if Tepper wants to swing big in his next hire…

  8. Until the Panthers stop giving up draft picks for other team players that they no longer want, things will never change. Baker is to short and not only him but the other panther players need to learn how to catch the ball. Rhule did really good his first year by doing a complete over haul of the defense. The next year he should have done that as well on offense. Look at all the QB’s Rhule has passed on in the draft and still collects other peoples garbage. Ridiculous, no excuse. CMC is the only player that is balling when he is healthy. The need to go ahead and quit wasting this young mans career and trade him for picks, since they keep giving them away.

  9. Rhule has more than four years left on his contract. I wouldn’t be sweating anything other than how to get fired without cause.

    Tepper has the problem of figuring out how to replace him with a coach with a much more team friendly deal.

  10. Beat the Saints, win a division game, life will be better for all.
    Lose to the Saints, Matt you are done.

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