Mike Evans plans to appeal his one-game suspension

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The NFL suspended Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans for one game on Monday for his involvement in a fight with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore during Sunday’s win.

Evans and Lattimore were both ejected from the game for their latest hostilities, but Evans was the only player suspended by NFL vice president of policy and rules administration Jon Runyan on Monday. Evans has the right to appeal and multiple reports say that he plans to do exactly that.

The appeal will be heard by one of two hearing officers — former NFL players Derrick Brooks and James Thrash — jointly appointed and paid by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. If the appeal is unsuccessful, Evans will miss this week’s game against the Packers.

His absence would come at a moment when Chris Godwin and Julio Jones are both dealing with injuries, so the Bucs may be thin on wideouts when they host Green Bay next Sunday.

11 responses to “Mike Evans plans to appeal his one-game suspension

  1. He will appeal it and play this week. Meanwhile they will look for the soonest easy opponent and then withdraw the appeal and serve it that week.

  2. Why? He was lucky to get off with just one game. They should answer the appeal by tacking another game on.

  3. Lattimore should be suspended! Punching people, pushing, taunting, stirring it up. Then he gets smacked for being a little beotch and the real man who handled things gets disciplined? Worth it.

  4. Funny how Lattimore is always the innocent party yet he seems to be involved in quite a few of these incidents. 🙄

  5. Runyan’s son plays for the Packers. No conflict there.

    Derrick Brooks will hear the appeal.

    You might have heard of him…

  6. Derrick Brooks….hhhhmmmm he “might” have had a career with the Bucs. I don’t care. I don’t see bias on this stuff. I’m not sure what Latimore did, so I’m not sure why he isn’t also being disciplined. But the video on Evans actions are pretty clear. I can’t imagine why his appeal couldn’t be addressed immediately via Zoom or whatever.

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