Mike Tomlin is exercising patience with Mitchell Trubisky

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The fans aren’t patient. The head coach is. For now.

And the head coach is the one who makes the decisions.

One day after the Steelers lost to the Patriots at home, generating only 243 net yards and two touchdowns, coach Mike Tomlin told reporters that he’ll be exercising patience with quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Tomlin also said he’ll be patient with offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Via Josh Rowntree of 93.7 The Fan, Tomlin said he isn’t happy with offensive play calling, or anything else, after a loss. He acknowledged that the offense remains “in development.”

Trubisky, on Sunday, completed 21 of 33 passes for 168 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. He ran the ball one time, for seven yards.

Will the Steelers find ways to get more mileage out of Trubisky’s mobility? “I’m not going to come in and install a triple option,” Tomlin said. (All due respect, but a quarterback can run more without embracing an all-run offense. He can, for example, run more than once.)

Regardless, the paying customers aren’t happy. And they were chanting for rookie Kenny Pickett.

I didn’t hear that,” Tomlin said. “But I’ve got a lot going on.”

He definitely has a lot going on this week. The Steelers play the Browns on Thursday night. The good news is that the game will be in Cleveland. Which means that Tomlin won’t have to not hear the chants for Pickett.

6 responses to “Mike Tomlin is exercising patience with Mitchell Trubisky

  1. Switching to the rookie on a short week would be foolish. But after Thursday if the offense is still ineffective, they will have a long week to get him ready.

  2. Some fans are just so dumb. Trubisky gets all of two games to replace Ben? People act like playing QB in the NFL is easy, and that the entire organization is responsible for wins and losses.

  3. Matt Canada is the root cause of the problem. Not the QB room. Fix Canada (fired), then fix o-line, then reassess.

  4. In the end though, the change MUST be made though. Sorry but Mitch is just not a good quarterback. He stinks in fact! Fix it Tomlin!

  5. Well Canada was unemployed & hadn’t worked in the NFL. So who but Tomlin is surprised with the results?

  6. I don’t buy the “This is Mitch’s team” crap if the Steelers can’t win or generate more than 243 yards of offense. At the very latest, the Week 10 game seems like the time to switch unless you’re 6-2 going into the bye. I doubt the Steelers can be 4-4 the way they’re playing with Trubisky under center. It’s not all his fault but he’s a below-average QB and unless he can get you to a playoff appearance, there’s literally no reason to not play Pickett once he knows how to run the offense. Pickett is a better athlete who opens up the playbook and he has the better arm.

    Tomlin isn’t dumb and he just doesn’t want anyone dictating to him, so he’s saying what he thinks people need to hear to leave him alone. That’s why they call it “coach speak.” He doesn’t want to talk about what he doesn’t want to talk about. lol

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