NFL suspends Mike Evans one game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans has been suspended for his role in Sunday’s brawl with the Saints.

The fight involved several players on both teams, but Evans took things to another level when he decked Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

It’s the second time in his career that Evans has been suspended for a run-in with Lattimore. He was also suspended for one game in 2017 for hitting Lattimore.

Former NFL player Jon Runyan, who now serves as the league’s vice president of football operations, issued the suspension and told Evans in a letter that, “Your aggressive conduct could have caused serious injury to your opponent and clearly does not reflect the high standards of sportsmanship expected of a professional.”

Evans has the right to appeal, and if he exercises that right his appeal will be heard by one of the league’s two hearing officers, Derrick Brooks and James Thrash, who are jointly appointed and paid by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. If Evans loses the appeal, he will miss Sunday’s big NFC game against the Packers.

Evans will also be docked one game check, which makes it fortunate for him that his contract is structured so that most of his money comes from bonuses and his base salary is just $1.12 million for the season. He will lost a little over $60,000 in pay for his one-game suspension.

45 responses to “NFL suspends Mike Evans one game

  1. He should absolutely appeal this one, and he will win. For one aggressive push on a guy running his mouth. You could make a case the tackle he received from behind was just as bad.

  2. Mike Evans is really stupid if he thinks there’s an exemption for “Defending Your Quarterback Especially If He’s Tom Brady”.

  3. one game suspension should cost him 1/17 of his cap hit for the season. These tiny base salaries are a joke to use as a calculation point

  4. What Evans did was a total cheap shot, way worse than anything Lattimore did. Evans is lucky to only get one game, that was bush league.

  5. Interesting observation…Runyan’s son plays for the Packers and Brooks is a former Bucs star.

  6. I agree with his suspension, he needs to be sent that lesson. But if the leage really want to send a message they suspend Lattimore too. They also fine Brady and Fournette because both of them contributed to the escalation. And Ariens possibly too. If the league really wants to say they want this stuff to stop they hit everyone that contributed to the escalation.

    Hate to say it but ever since they let AD slide the message has been weak regarding fighting and other ‘extracurricular things’.

  7. The Bucs stacked at receiver so they should be fine…
    The Saints starting Winston at QB will still suck so they are the real losers in this situation!

  8. Should be suspended 2 games or more for a player who comes off the bench and blind sides a player on the field. So much for player safety. Also maybe it’s time to start fining Brady for his constant whining and un-sportsmanlike behavior.

  9. should have done it during a joint practice, then you can get away with it i guess. the nfl is crazy. maybe if he hit him with his helmet it would have been overlooked

  10. Love how Lattimore started all of it by smacking at Brady when Brady wasn’t even looking his direction or talking to him, then shoving fournette in the face, followed by even reacting to evans but hey let’s give that clown a pass again.

  11. Lattimore has owned Evans for years. He can’t take it so has to take cheap shots to even the score. Should have been min 2 games since he’s a repeat offender.

  12. He should have done this at a joint practice instead of a game, that way there would be no punishment.

  13. Ok sounds like the nfl is ok with throwing and landing a throat punch. Good to know. The NFL is a joke

  14. He won’t win an appeal. All he’ll be doing is buying a little time. He’ll serve his one game suspension at some point, but maybe by that time the receiver room will be healthier.

  15. Well that escalated quickly. Good! give that blowhard Arians 8 games for starting the whole thing from the sidelines.

  16. Fans around the league calling for suspensions are sure intimidated by Mike Evans, Tom Brady, and the Bucs.

    I suppose fans of lesser teams need the advantage to beat the Bucs.

  17. What about Mr. Lattimore for initiating the provocation ? There should be an example set there as well if NFL is so much into taunting penalties….

  18. What about Mr. Lattimore for initiating the provocation ? There should be an example set there as well if NFL is so much into taunting penalties….

    Additionally, what example is being set here by NFL if Aaron Donald is not penalized for punches….

  19. Frankly should have been more. Lattimore and Brady were just jawing back and forth. He’s the one who escalated it.

  20. Mike Evans or Tom Brady can’t beat Lattimore on the field so they resort to cheap shots. Saints know the role now. Time to take them out with a back up player next game.

  21. Giving their history of squabbling, just wonder is there a 3rd party involved somehow somewhere ?

  22. For those saying Evans came off the bench you are wrong. You can clearly see in the replays he was still on the field when he saw the scrum.

    I’m ok with the suspension. He will appeal but I don’t think he wins it. Too much history between these two players for Evans to get the suspension reduced. Hopefully Julio and/or Godwin return for the Packers game.

  23. I said it last night on here,… Evans initiated the brawl. It was a beef session between Lattimore and Brady and Evans entered the fray. I get it why he did it,… but he had to know it would result in an ejection and fine.

  24. It’s not a high standard of sportsmanship, it’s the presumed standard… the default standard.

  25. Should be more.

    Should also put a stop to Brady running way down field to abuse the officials. No other QB in league history did this crap. Grow a pair and put a stop to it now.

  26. No question. They had no choice but to suspend him. He showed no remorse. Lattimore screaming at Brady is simply not justification for Evans shoving Lattimore. Then he beats his chest about it afterwards. He should have received one for the act and another one for bragging about it after the fact.

  27. No way he can win this on appeal. He literally ran onto the field to cheap shot Lattimore.

    Plus, Brady was just crying because his game was off. The protection was good, but he was trying to “Brady” some PI calls as usual.

  28. Not a fan of either team, but Fournette should be disciplined somehow. He started the physical altercation. Lattimore and Brady were jawing. Fournette started the shoving. Total cheap shot by Evans, though, coming off the sidelines for a blindshot. And not his first.

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