Todd Bowles confirms that Tom Brady won’t practice on Wednesdays

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Yes, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will get every Wednesday off during the 2022 season. But it’s not quite the Sunday Splash! report it was sold as being.

Coach Todd Bowles told reporters on Monday that Brady will take each Wednesday off from practice, as a weekly maintenance day.

That doesn’t mean Brady won’t be working. He just won’t be practicing. And he won’t be alone, when it comes to maintenance days.

Per Bowles, receiver Chris Godwin doesn’t practice on Thursdays, and receiver Mike Evans and linebacker Lavonte David don’t practice on Fridays.

“It’s not just [Brady],” Bowles said. “We have designated days off after games.”

So Brady will have a maintenance day. And Godwin will have one. And David and Evans will have one.

Other players on other teams have them. Some periodically, some regularly.

16 responses to “Todd Bowles confirms that Tom Brady won’t practice on Wednesdays

  1. Why not just cancel practice for everyone on Wednesdays then?
    I mean the Bucs are so good the way they steam rolled over the Saints yesterday. Oh wait….the Saints thought it was Christmas yesterday. They were in the giving mood.

  2. It’s a big story cause it’s Brady and gives all the haters to continue screaming ‘diva’ ‘washed up’ ‘should have stayed retire’ ‘won’t finish the season’ etc but it’s a maintenance day that lots of veterans take throughout the year.

  3. This feels like the last hurrah of Brady now. I highly doubt he plays next year and I’m not sure he’s going to ever take the fox gig.

  4. He’s 45, man. And the GOAT. He knows what he needs to do and rest assured: he’s going to do it.

    He also knows the system and the opponents better than the coaches do.

  5. Maybe they should let Bruce Arians do the press conferences. He clearly thinks he’s still in charge and loves to complain about everything.

  6. I guess if he doesn’t actually participate the whole season it makes it easier for Brady to finish the season!

  7. Seems odd for the QB and top two receivers to all have different days off. That’s not much time together during the week.

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