Tom Brady calls Mike Evans suspension “ridiculous”

NFL: SEP 18 Buccaneers at Saints
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Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans was both ejected and suspended for his latest incident with Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore. Bucs quarterback Tom Brady understandably disapproves of the decision to suspend Evans for one game.

“I love Mike,” Brady said in the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, via “And the fact that Mike would come out there to defend me, it means everything in the world to me as a teammate and a friend. And Mike knows how I feel about him. So, in the end, emotions are a part of sports. Sometimes they boil over and they obviously did yesterday. And it’s an unfortunate circumstance. I don’t think it deserved any type of suspension. I think that’s ridiculous. You know hopefully we can move past it, get to a better place. You know in the end, I appreciate Mike having my back. I know he’ll learn from it. And he knows that we all have is back.”

Of course Brady thinks it’s ridiculous to suspend one of his best receivers. It affects Brady personally. It compromises his ability to win football games. And while he can find a way to couch it within the confines of “team,” his own personal agenda to advance his legacy and his name and his stature and his whatever is at the heart of it.

He’s selfless to his team, in support of his selfish desire to set a bar so high that no one ever even comes close to matching him.

Thus, he’s hardly objective when it comes to assessing whether Evans should have been suspended. Since it will make it harder for Brady to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and preserve bragging rights over a quarterback who has greater natural skills than Brady does, Brady absolutely disagrees with the move.

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  1. The whole thing was ridiculous. Refs blew a no-call on Lattimore for an egregious PI on Scotty Miller. Lattimore gets up barking at the Bucs sideline. He says something to Brady which gets his attention. Fournette gets in between and Lattimore shoves a hand under his facenask. That’s when Evans went nuts. Everyone was wrong. Especially the refs who let it get out of control. Officiating has been horrible so far.

  2. Lol. I get it. If one of my buddies was getting in trouble for having my back and sticking up for me, there is nothing I would not say on his behalf.

    I totally agree with the Evens suspension though, it was warranted. But also I really think Lattimore should be getting the same.

  3. Ultimately Mike Evans hurt his team with this avoidable retaliation 1 game suspension and Tom Brady won’t have his #1 receiver on the field.

  4. The way they punish players is pretty ridiculous. I guess he should have just beat somebody up outside the stadium then he’d be playing next week

  5. Without Evans we can look forward to Brady throwing a tantrum and smashing tablets on the sidelines.

  6. Baby Brady whining again…the officiating already goes in favor of Brady for years now. Give it a rest Tommy

  7. Both Evans and Brady need to reel in their tempers. Evans should know that it’s usually the retaliator who gets into trouble. He completely lost it on Lattimore. Brady should be embarrassed by his behavior when things don’t his way. Screaming at guys and smashing tablets? It’s not a good look. Even though the Bucs eventually won the game,they sure looked bad doing it.

  8. Who in the world is listening to this Tom Brady podcast? Is there anybody on planet Earth less interesting to listen to? Good at football? OK. Good at podcasting? No thank you. Oh. Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are involved? Woof. That’s no thank you no thank you no thank you.

  9. Tom needs to be with his wife and quit playing already. Happy wife Happy life tommy. Just retire already.

  10. I just rewatched the video. Bruce Arians and Brady were complaining about the no call and Lattimore complained about them complaining. Fournette started the pushing and Lattimore responded with a shove. That should have been it, but Evans came in with the cheap shot while no one was looking. He should have gotten 3 games. That doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  11. Nice how the guy who suspended Mike Evans is the father of a current Packer player. Surprised he didn’t suspend Fournette and Brady too.

  12. Don’t you know that when Brady is angry and breaking equipment he’s being “passionate”?
    How dare anyone imply anything else?

  13. Nice how the guy who suspended Mike Evans is the father of a current Packer player.

    One of the guys handling his appeal is a Buccaneer HOFr…

  14. If you look at the video,… Brady actually starts the beef by saying something towards Lattimore while Lattimore is walking away. Lattimore turns and says something back,… Brady starts coming at Lattimore,… and that’s when the train came off the tracks.
    Go look if you don’t believe me. The video doesn’t lie.

  15. Brady needs either a suspension for what he pulls or a good ass whoopin from the guy he tries to antagonize.

    Either way, get it done and get this man child off the field.

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