Zac Taylor: There’s a give and take with Joe Burrow making things happen in the pocket

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been sacked a league-leading 13 times so far this season — six more times than Colts quarterback Matt Ryan at No. 2.

This has come after Burrow was sacked a league-leading 51 times last season, plus 19 times in the playoffs.

The Bengals invested plenty in their offensive line over the offseason. But the problem of Burrow taking too many hits remains.

In his Monday press conference, head coach Zac Taylor said that’s part of what comes with Burrow’s ability to extend plays in the pocket and make things happen down the field. Taylor referred to it as one of Burrow’s “greatest strengths.”

“That’s where a lot of the magic happens. There is a give and take there. So, you’re going to end up holding the ball, sometimes, longer,” Taylor said. “He’s always going to work to find an open receiver and get the ball to him as quickly as possible. That’s objective No. 1. And objective No. 2 is, help us sometimes find a play when there’s not a play to be made. So he does a good job of striking that balance.

“I think one thing — we knew this about Dallas going in, is they give you a lot of problems up front. They do a really good job. They’ve done that for the last year. they’re going to continue to do that this year. And they do a really good job matching on the backend with some really talented players. So, again, we’ve just got to put these two games behind us and continue to grow and move forward and evolve as an offense. And I think that we will.”

Not every sack is on the offensive line. But when a quarterback takes as many as Burrow, it generally isn’t going to reflect well on the team’s five up front. Still, Taylor said the mood around Cincinnati’s OL is “really good” in large part due to the group’s character.

“There’s a narrative that forms that they’re not solely responsible for and that part sucks,” Taylor said. “But it’s a really impressive group. When you’re around that group as a whole, you’ve got a lot of confidence in them and the things that they’re going to be able to do for us this year.”

It’s unlikely that Burrow will continue to take an average of 6.5 sacks a game for the rest of the season. But between Burrow, Taylor, the offensive line, and the rest of the team, Cincinnati has to solve its protection issues soon.

4 responses to “Zac Taylor: There’s a give and take with Joe Burrow making things happen in the pocket

  1. The offensive line will get better. With all the new pieces they have added, the line will take time to gel.

  2. Sometimes you have to take what the defense gives you instead of looking to launch bombs to Chase every play.

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