Andy Reid: We can do better on third-and-short

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
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The Chiefs are one of just six teams to start 2-0 and one of only three in the AFC.

But even though the club is second in points scored and fifth in total yards, one area that could use some improvement early on is the offensive performance on third-and-short.

Kansas City has faced eight opportunities of third downs with 1-3 yards to go. They’ve converted just three of them, passing five times and rushing three times.

On Monday, head coach Andy Reid said there could be a variety of reasons for the lack of success.

“Yeah, you try to see what went wrong first of all, whether it’s the call, whether I sent in the wrong thing at the wrong time or whether there’s a mistake somewhere,” Reid said in his video conference. “We had a couple of mistakes in there and then one of them where we did have a mistake, the defense still had a pretty good leverage on it. Although, we’ve had a lot of success with the one play so got to tighten that part up. We’ve got to tighten up the mental errors on it.

“Every once in a while, the defense is going to have an overload somewhere that you didn’t think they would. You’ve got to sort that out and make better with it, but you know a couple of those we just didn’t handle it right and that’s normally not the case. We can do better in that area.”

The Chiefs are currently 10th in the league, converting 45 percent of their third downs. Their next chance to improve those numbers will come against the Colts on Sunday.