Ball that was Tom Brady’s last pre-retirement touchdown pass sells for more than $129,000

NFL: JAN 23 NFC Divisional Round - Rams at Buccaneers
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Tom Brady‘s unretirement ended being very costly for someone whose piece of memorabilia became much less memorable.

The final touchdown pass that Brady threw in the 2021-22 season, the ball that went from Brady to receiver Mike Evans as the Bucs erased a 27-3 deficit against the Rams in the divisional round, sold at auction for $129,658 at the Lelands Summer Classic Auction.

Before Brady unretired, that same ball sold at auction for more than $518,000. That buyer was allowed to wriggle off the hook, even though “buyer beware” would seem to apply in situations like sports retirements and unretirements.

The fan who got the ball still received a nice payday. But not nearly as nice as it could have been, if Brady had just remained retired.

And, yes, the fan got the ball because Evans threw the ball into the stands. He has a habit of doing that, as we know.

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