Bears barely passing, Justin Fields has just 28 attempts through two games

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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There’s nothing more important to the Bears this year than the development of quarterback Justin Fields, but through two games the Bears aren’t giving Fields many opportunities to show what he can do.

Fields has thrown just 28 passes this season, which is dead last in the NFL and then some: Fields actually ranks 33rd in the NFL, not 32nd, because every starting quarterback has thrown more passes than Fields, including both quarterbacks who have started for the Cowboys. Every other team in the NFL has at least 28 completions.

Usually when teams aren’t passing much, that’s because they’re protecting leads. But it’s not the case with the Bears, who have been play from behind for most of this season: The Bears had a lead for only the final 12 minutes of their win over the 49ers in Week One, and they led for just five minutes in their loss to the Packers.

Fields threw 17 passes in Week One, when the Bears were playing in pouring rain, and it seemed a certainty that they’d throw more in Week Two. Instead, they threw just 11 passes in Week Two. Perhaps they’ll let Fields throw more in Week Three. No NFL team is throwing less.

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  1. They’re trying to protect him. I realize he’s athletic and can make plays with his legs but this is a passing league now. He should still be learning.

  2. I watched Fields vs. The Packers with a totally unbiased view, i was hoping i would see some legit growth from last year, but still i wasnt going to rush to judgment bc the bears have given him nothing new to work with… but he looked terrible, and seemed lost at times

  3. The Sunday night gameplan was mind boggling to say the least. Take the training wheels off and let him throw in a rebuilding year. So what if he gets picked or sacked. He won’t develop as a pocket passer or speed up his clock if he never throws the ball in game situations.

    He can throw too. He was a pocket passer in college and the Lions, Steelers, and 49rs games last year proved his arm talent.

  4. He’s an athlete but not yet a bonafide NFL QB. They threw him to the wolves too soon. He needed two or three years to learn the game. That’s the mistake a lot a bottom-dwelling teams make.

  5. After watching Fields, if you were the Bears’ coaching staff would you want him to throw the ball? Typical Ohio State QB that looks good on Saturdays but awful on Sundays.

  6. lowlyfinfan88 says:
    September 20, 2022 at 3:48 pm
    They’re trying to protect him. I realize he’s athletic and can make plays with his legs but this is a passing league now. He should still be learning.


    Hurts attempts for 2021 averaged 25 attempts a game with one game at 14 attempts. The Eagles had a 49.87% rushing play average which was the most in the league. The Bears are currently at an insane 65.98% running play average.

    The Eagles surrounded their young running QB with high quality skill players and built out from the offensive line. The Bears opted not to add quality to the 22nd ranked offensive line or skill positions and instead went for long shots and quantity instead focusing their draft capital and money on the defense. The Bears currently have the 32nd rated offensive line.

    They hired a defensive coach who spent all their assets on defense, pretty much hanging their young QB and offense out to get slaughtered. When Fields fails, as they’ve set him up to do, they will blame the previous regime and talk up their defense.

  7. Nobody should expect a second year like Mahomes,’ but not even matching the career path of Mitch Trubisky (3200 passing yards, 24TDs/12INTs, 66.6% completion percentage in his second year) is either an indictment of his ability or those coaching his development.
    Or both…

  8. He’s a bust. I noticed the other night they keep bootlegging him, too, which is a red flag. It’s not his fault like it’s not Trey Lance’s fault.

    These teams just think they’re so much more intelligent than they are and do this crap to themselves.

  9. gomyguys says:
    September 20, 2022 at 3:54 pm
    Well they barely have a quarterback. 🤷———————————————
    Well they are barely an NFL team.

  10. How about until you build a solid Oline,Get A true #1 wideout, or a good running game don’t draft a QB early. All you are going to do is ruin him. I haven’t seen much for Fields but he doesn’t stand a chance in Chicago. Even if he does overcome the extreme lack of talent and succeeds then you are going to have to cripple your cap to pay him and make it even harder to fill the massive holes on your roster. And they hired a defensive coach on top of that. The Chicago Bear are the Detroit Lions except they had one good season and better PR.

  11. The defensive coach bit is old news. Bills have a defensive HC, they surround the player with a good OC and QB Coach. Getsy was calling the plays.

    Line is improved. Last week he had the most time of any QB. This week, not exactly sure.

    He will come around. He’s talented, a leader, just not sure what we’re doing on play calling.

    Accept the fact we’re in a rebuild and actually focus on growth.

  12. In some respects, it makes sense for them not to pass, their O-line is dreadfully weak and would benefit from run blocking, as it wears down the opposing D-line and is easier for offensive linemen to execute.
    On the other hand, if you want to actually win games, you must pass at some point! Bootlegs, play-action, and rollout passes can help buy a QB time, simplify reads, and scheme receivers open. Chicago should be incorporating these things into their game plans. So far, I’ve not seen much evidence of this. Hopefully that changes, or Chicago may have to start looking for more QB’s, out of necessity.

  13. For the last 10 year the Bears have been trading their draft rights to either go higher or to get a “NAME” player in a trade to get a quick fix. They have shown very little ability to build from their own draft picks and people keep scratching their heads on why the team has done so poorly. You want evidence: Trubisky, Mack, and now Fields.

    Meanwhile beatings at Halas Hall will continue until morale is restored.

  14. Justin get out of that hell hole your in the 1st chance you get heck hold out next season demand a trade the Bears are run by and coached by incompetent’s totally unaware of anything above the knowledge of 1960’s offenses. Not that they ae much better on defense they acted like they were sorry when the accidently hit Rodgers what a bunch of powder puffs .

  15. Blame Pace for this current state of affairs.

    Bears have a rookie LT, 3rd year C, and 2nd year RG (first year playing RG) and RT. That’s a LOT to ask for an inexperienced OL.

    For WRs, Mooney is the only real threat and teams are focused on taking him out of the game. If St. Brown couldn’t do it with Rodgers as his QB, how can you expect Fields do it? Same with Pringle and Mahomes. I expected more from Kmet though.

    The only thing that is really working is the running game, which is why I think you’re seeing so much focus on it. It’s really all they have on offense right now.

    The Bears are still a ~5-7 win team at best. Way too many young players to have any true idea of what this team is made of just yet. It’s going to be a trying year and if Fields truly is not the answer, the Bears will have a high draft pick and plenty of cap space next season to address it.

  16. People keep ignoring that in replacing the head coach and the GM they again went for new untried faces (who are also less expensive). Way too early to tell but at least there seemed to be fewer pre-snap mistakes

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