Browns defensive players have players-only meeting

NFL: SEP 18 Jets at Browns
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The Browns have talked about “communication errors” and referred to “miscommunication” since allowing the Jets to score 14 points in the final 1:22 of Sunday’s game. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, losing 31-30.

Somebody was supposed to cover Corey Davis on his 66-yard touchdown reception, but no one covered him.

On Tuesday, two days before they return to the field against the Steelers, the team’s defensive players tried to fix their communication problems by communicating.

“Before the full defensive meeting, we had a players meeting and just talked about things, and I think the best part about it all honestly is people are mad about stuff like that,” cornerback Greg Newsome II said on Kevin Stefanski’s radio show Tuesday 92.3 The Fan, via Mary Kay Cabot of “There are some teams who are used to that. We’re not used to that, and we see all the talent we have in the room, so things like that, it should hurt us and we should be mad about it.”

The Browns gave up a 75-yard touchdown to Robbie Anderson in the fourth quarter in the season-opening win over Carolina as Newsome and safety John Johnson III had a communication breakdown.

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  1. Cleveland always seems to have these internal issues with no apparent accountability.I’m convinced Stefanski and GM Andrew Berry are really the ones responsible for a lot of the divisiveness in the locker room the last 2 years. Mad at your QB? Fine, don’t catch the ball– who enforces the rules? OBJ, Landry, and Baker all get traded. 14 point lead with 2 minutes left? No one is there to say “run out of bounds” and no one covers a WR in what looked like pure laziness.

  2. Browns fans in the 4th quarter of games this year: “communication breakdown, it’s always the same. Havin’ a nervous breakdown, drives me insane!”

  3. “There are some teams who are used to that. We’re not used to that“

    The Browns have given up a quick-score, long touchdown in back to back weeks in moments of the game where all they needed to do was NOT give up a quick score touchdown. The same play should have cost them against Carolina too, but they got bailed out by the refs and their kicker. For a defense with a lot of first round picks, the only true difference maker is Garrett.

  4. If they’d met in the endzone at the start of that 66 yard play they would have stopped it. Maybe by default don’t let guys run past you when you’re up 13 with under 2 minutes?

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