Cleveland police arrest fan who hit Jimmy Haslam with a bottle

NFL: DEC 20 Raiders at Browns
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Cleveland police arrested the fan they accuse of throwing a bottle that hit Browns owner Jimmy Haslam during the team’s loss to the Jets.

No charges have been brought against Jeffrey Miller, 51, of Rocky River, Ohio, according to his attorney. A previous version of this post incorrectly reported, via WKYC, that Miller faces charges.

The Cleveland Division of Police used surveillance footage to identify Miller. Multiple officers tried to detain him at the stadium, but he failed to comply. Eventually, they got him into a police room at the stadium, where an officer on scene wrote that Miller “appeared to be intoxicated.”

Miller told police the bottle “never hit the field,” according to the police report obtained by WKYC.

The Browns plan to ban Miller from FirstEnergy Stadium for life.

18 responses to “Cleveland police arrest fan who hit Jimmy Haslam with a bottle

  1. What do you want to bet he doesn’t get arrested if he had hit anyone except the home team owner? He must be cursing his good aim 😀

  2. Whether you like the owner of the Browns or not, he deserves to be secure from fan violence. Just as other football players, at any level, deserve protection from being assaulted by a competitor wielding a helmet. It will be interesting to see how these cases play out in comparison. My Hope Is that justice will prevail in each instance.

  3. We have come to place where sport has just become too important to very fabric of this country and there is one main reason….gambling.

  4. A 51 year old man threw a bottle at another person at a football game? What a sad existence that dude must lead.

  5. While I don’t condone turning spent plastic beverage containers into ammo, if the Browns plan on gifting any more games to their opponents, they might be wise to Velcro emergency Nerf projectiles under all seats within throwing distance of the field, and maybe e-tail special elf-logoed shields for flat screens, so fans can throw shoes, remotes, and other assorted items at their TVs without breaking them. That loss was enough to make anyone want to hurl.

  6. If he’s that good with a water bottle, Haslem should sign him to a 250m guaranteed contract.

  7. These billionaires need to be hit by someone. The law obviously doesn’t apply! Like a wise man once said “ain’t nobody above an @$$ woopin”

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