Dane Jackson has been released from the hospital

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams
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Bills cornerback Dane Jackson left the field at Highmark Stadium in an ambulance after a scary collision with teammate Tremaine Edmunds in the second quarter of Monday night’s game against the Titans, but an update on his condition Tuesday morning is a positive one.

The Bills announced that Jackson had movement in his extremities before he left the stadium for further tests and evaluation at a local hospital. Those tests apparently went well.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Jackson has been released from the hospital and is continuing his recovery at home. Garafolo adds that Jackson walked out of the hospital and that “all indications” are that Jackson avoided a serious injury despite how bad the hit looked.

There’s no word on when Jackson might return to the team, but that’s of less importance than the fact that Jackson is doing well less than 24 hours after getting hurt.

25 responses to “Dane Jackson has been released from the hospital

  1. I’m glad he’s okay, and a big thanks to the paramedics, physicians and nurses who helped him.

  2. What a relief. Edmunds must have been inadvertently quoting The Longest Yard to himself when he saw that replay

  3. Prayers for Dane… hope he is doing well.
    Great win last night Buffalo! We were loud and proud. Best crowd I’ve been apart of ever! Season ticket holder for 21 years. Keep it up. Miami wants us?? We’ll be there Sunday!
    Let’s Gooo Buffalo!!!

  4. That was a late hit no matter how you cut it, and it was on his own player… Friendly fire or not, that has no place in the NFL. Period

  5. Real glad he is alright. Scary hit. It is a violent game, however if you looked at the hit. The other Bills player was coming in late and trying to do the same damage to the Titan player who was down. Collateral damage is always worse. I am amazed these guys can function after getting hit like that.

  6. I just don’t understand how anyone can “Thumbs Down” good news on a player injury. Im a lifelong Bills fan and I wish the Titans players who were injured a speedy recovery. All of these guys have families who depend on them in so many ways, and no matter how much I dislike a team or a player, for that reason alone I do not wish injury on any.

  7. This is a great relief to hear! In my humble opinion, it was caused by a teammate coming in late on a hit…what used to be called piling on…something done too frequently in football these days …

  8. I couldn’t watch the replays of this due to the sheer violence of it. I was certain he broke his neck. So glad dude will be recovering. The Thundering Herd is unstoppable at this point.

  9. Edmunds was just playing football. It’s a fast-moving & pretty violent game. It’s easy for fans to watch replays in slow motion and think he could have altered his trajectory, or backed off that quickly. But it was just bad luck & timing.

    Really great news about Jackson.

  10. Dane looked like he got decapitated. I feel bad for his teammate who obviously did not sleep well last night. Football has improved its safety, but it can turn quickly.

  11. Any explanation from Tremaine Edmunds on what exactly he was trying to do?

    Treylon Burks was already being tackled what was Edmonds plan there? Just knock anyone’s head off.

    I think he got a pass because it was his teammate.

  12. Dane’s head went so far back that he looked like a Pez dispenser.

    SO happy that he’s going to be OK.

  13. Was a NASTY hit. I can watch a lot of violence (bloody UFC matches, leg breaks etc.) but as soon as someone showed it to me in slow motion I was like holy sh!!. As a sports fan in general I am glad he is ok.

  14. billsrthefuture says:
    September 20, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    Edmunds was just playing football. It’s a fast-moving & pretty violent game. It’s easy for fans to watch replays in slow motion and think he could have altered his trajectory, or backed off that quickly. But it was just bad luck & timing.


    I can’t believe anyone who actually watched the video would say this. There was no “trajectory”. Edmunds was just standing there, and then dove into a completed tackle for no discernable reason, well after there was any reason to, and nowhere close to the opposing player. This wasn’t some kind of high-speed, already-leapt collision. It was bizarre how late and arbitrary it looked. That’s not “bad luck”, that’s unbelievably bad and dangerous judgment.

  15. Looked awful, glad he should be fine in the short and long term. That play made me turn the game off. Very resilient for the team, especially Edmunds to finish the game.

    Happy for everybody involved that the injury doesnt seem significant.

  16. It was very scary, seriously it hit home for me and all I could think about was his family. Thank God he’s alright and I hope he has a speedy recovery and I also hope and pray as it almost happened to me that he lives life differently and enjoys EVERY part of his life now and not take nothing for granted

  17. I’m trying to think of a top ten list about those who have come back after a hit like this.

    Right of the bat: Frank Gifford(Not at same position)

    You could go 50-50 with Antonio Brown.

    Anyone have more examples?

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