Frank Reich: I could not be happier that Matt Ryan is our quarterback

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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Nothing worked for the Colts in their 24-0 loss to the Jaguars on Sunday, so it’s no surprise that Matt Ryan looked bad.

The 37-year-old quarterback finished just 16-of-30 passing for 195 yards. he was sacked five times and fumbled once, though Indianapolis didn’t lose it.

Still, head coach Frank Reich expressed confidence in his signal-caller on Monday, noting a lot of what went wrong happened around Ryan.

“I mean the protection yesterday wasn’t our best effort. He was under duress a number of times,” Reich said in his press conference. “There’s still mistakes that he made, that we all make, but I think overall — listen, I understand how the quarterback position is. You’re really dependent on everybody else on there, but you’re at the center of it so you have to make it work.

“What I love about Matt is that he takes responsibility. He’s the leader. I could not be happier that he’s our quarterback. He’s an elite leader and I really believe he can be an elite player in this offense. We’ve all got to pull it together. We all have got to carry our own weight, each one of us, including him and everybody on that offense.”

Through two weeks, Ryan has completed 60 percent of his passes for 547 yards with one touchdown, four interceptions, and five fumbles with one lost.

The 0-1-1 Colts have another tough matchup against the Chiefs on tap for Week Three.

56 responses to “Frank Reich: I could not be happier that Matt Ryan is our quarterback

  1. Exactly, Frank: Ryan’s play is making it hard for Colts fans everywhere to be any happier than they already are — which is not very — about him being their QB.

  2. Sounds like Frank knows he’s going to get fired at the end of the season. Chris Ballard, probably, too, but in reality what is their options? Spend a bunch of picks to move up and draft a rookie QB? They’re rolling the dice on these stop gap guys in Rivers, Wentz and Ryan, and in hindsight it’s a terrible move, but they didn’t have many other options. They probably didn’t want DeShaun Watson the person, even if they wanted the player, but Houston was never going to trade him in division. Russ looks cooked, rather than Russ cooking, Baker was wa big question mark, Jimmy G might have been the only realistic option out there outside of Ryan or rolling with a late 1st round rookie. They haven’t been bad enough to get a top pick since Luck was around, and were below average at the worst.

    That said, they still need to be better, but it wasn’t like they missed on some great opportunity.

  3. Sure Frank. I know, what are you supposed to say other than what you did? Pretty sure if Josh Allen (or other top tier QB’s)was your QB, you’d be happier. ALOT HAPPIER.

  4. He must want the rest of his contract without having to work for it because he will be doing just that if Ryan doesn’t turn it around.

  5. Don’t think three (Kelly, Smith, Nelson) of the NFL’s highest paid O-line members get a free pass on this one. They were pushed around all day by Jacksonville while Ryan ran for his life. Nobody (Ballard) worried about cap numbers when they got their $$$ contract$.

  6. 1TD and 9 turnovers. Wow. That’s worse than Kirk Cousins numbers from last night. Oh that’s for 2 weeks? My condolences on your season.

    The Chiefs were the only game i thought the Colts might lose out of the first 3. Now i can’t see how they don’t go 0-2-1.

  7. Ryan is compared to Flacco since they entered the league from the same draft. Ryan has the stats, including the Superbowl loss. Flacco isn’t as flashy, but he led the Ravens to their 2nd Superbowl. Joe Cool will always be loved in Baltimore!

  8. Like that dog in the fire, that says WHAT FIRE? This is a completely safe boat, they call it the titanic, the greatest hull in history!

    If you are in the boat, you think that right up until it ends up below the ocean… that Matty ice is sure thick, watch out for those!

  9. Matt Ryan’s going to get him fired. Nobody on the Colts apparently watched him play the last couple years.

  10. Sub par left tackle. Pittman out and no other real receiving threat. What is Ryan supposed to do?

  11. I watched Ryan throw a couple of the worst INTs I’ve seen in a while – just moon balls up for grabs. Regardless of the pressure, and the supporting cast, you expect your supposedly HOF, super-experienced QB not to do that.

  12. Ryan has been toast for the last two years. These coaches look to history too much. Consistency just hasn’t been there for him. Brady is the only QB who seriously declined and bounced back, somehow. Matt Ryan is not Tom Brady.

  13. Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard are getting what they deserve for their classless trashing of Carson Wentz. From Ashburn, VA – Go QB1, Go Bison, Go Washington!!!

  14. Wentz looks pretty good in Washington, maybe…just maybe…it’s the Colts owner that’s the problem?

  15. Good thing the media has been raving about Ballard and his personnel work while bashing BB for collecting actual, good talent all over the roster.

  16. Chris Ballard made the mistake of hoarding draft picks and it’s going to cost him his job. Matt Stafford wanted to go there last year but he was unwilling to meet the Rams price.

  17. Colts fans are all whistlin’ a different Dixie now!
    A couple of months ago they all swore Ryan would take them to The Promised Land!

  18. A lot of teams wishing they had traded for Jimmy Garappolo when they had the chance. The Colts are one of them.

  19. really feel for frank, he wanted to con’t with wentz but owner didn’t – now coach can’t even express his true feelin. i know its only 2 weeks but damn..wentz threw for 7 tds already!!

  20. Should’ve kept Wentz but he didn’t fit the agenda. How about Fitzpatrick next year? Is Matt Schaub still around somewhere? Brian Hoyer? Lots of washed up options to still try each of the next few years.

  21. Every year from the media: Colts will win the South! Chris Ballard is one of the top GM’s in the league! Reich is one of the top coaches! Colts are a dark horse Super Bowl contender!

    Are they sending you all Christmas gifts and attending your kids graduations? Every year they implode. When will you learn your lesson?

  22. Could have had Jimmy G easy enough but no, you cheaped out again. At this point it’s owner/coach that have all the blame in this mess.

  23. Some defenders for Carson Wentz here, I don’t see that. Wentz looks very good at times but isn’t close to be consistent enough. When he looks bad, he’s very bad.
    Interesting that both the Colts and the Broncos looked to only be a QB away from being serious contenders last year. Both teams made changes and now both teams look bad top to bottom. Tough league…

  24. from a coach who won 7 with not much talent Plus Matt Ryan to a guy who has a locke room full of talent and Matt Ryan and cant win a game.
    i think the real question is
    matt ryan happy to have frank reich as his coach

  25. I knew Ryan wasn’t a good choice. Matt Ryan’s stats are deceiving. He’s played on a losing team for 4 straight seasons, despite good QB ratings. I don’t watch enough Falcons to know if it is stat padding against a prevent or check down Charlie. Slightly unrelated, I disagree with anyone who says Ryan is a HOFer.

  26. Chris Ballard has screwed up the QB position in Indy for far too many seasons. He has been so adamant about not giving up draft picks to perhaps move up in draft order, and it is more than likely going to ost him & Reich their jobs.
    He just hasn’t been able to solve Andrew Luck’s retirement after all these years.

  27. Said it at the time they got Ryan: The Colts aren’t getting prime of his career ‘Matty Ice’ – they’re getting ‘Matty Slushie’

  28. I’m not a scout, but it looks like Matt Ryan’s best days have came and Wentz!

    (*Ducks*) Frank, hope you can run for 1500+ yards, you certainly can’t pass….

  29. Other teams could not be happier that Frank Reich is Indy’s Coach. Reich has had Luck, Brisset, Rivers, Wentz, and Ryan, a different QB every year, and the results are kind of mediocre/ok no matter who the QB is.

  30. Wentz was NOT the problem. He was the convenient scapegoat but the team just isn’t very good. Their 3 best players are an RB, Guard, and Inside Linebacker, 3 of the lowest impact positions. Kenny Moore might be the most overrated defensive player in the NFL not named JJ Watt.

  31. With the Titans fading early, this was the perfect time for the Colts to retake the South and Irsay knows it!

  32. I say go with Sam for the rest of the year and see what the kid can do
    If it doesn’t work out than we draft a top 10 able in2023
    The coaching staff has not prepared this team well enough

  33. What’s Reich supposed to say? Like he thinks maybe it’s time to put Foles or Erhlinger in?

    2 games is WAY to early for any serious consideration of a QB change.

    For whatever reason the history of the Colts under Reich is starting slow and improving as season goes on.

    I’ve never been a huge Matty Ryan fan, but, I don’t think his backups would improve things.

  34. Get rid of Frank and his putrid play calling and Ryan will benefit.

    Ballard has gotten him ZERO weapons (not named JT or MPJ) and it shows.

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