Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott could play as soon as Week 4

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones thinks Dak Prescott may surprise people with how quickly he returns from the injury to his throwing hand.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that it’s still too soon to say when Prescott will be back on the field, but it’s possible that he’ll miss only one more game and play in Week Four against the Commanders.

“I don’t know that anybody knows [when he’ll be back],” Jones said. “But when he [gets enough strength in his hand], then you’ll probably see some real advancement in his timeline. I don’t know when that is. I do know that with a good airing out last week, everybody recognizes that he’ll be back sooner than later as far as the timeline. It really could be a minimum of two weeks up here in my mind [Washington in Week 4]. Now, that’s very optimistic. But he’s got the kind of repair there that will allow him not to have a lot of fear of re-injuring it. It’s just a question of the grip. But it’s a big question.”

The good news for the Cowboys is that backup Cooper Rush played well in Prescott’s absence on Sunday, giving them more confidence that they can win while Prescott is out. But it would be even better news if it turns out that Prescott doesn’t have to be out for long.

40 responses to “Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott could play as soon as Week 4

  1. They looked fine without him so let’s not rush things Doctor Jones. Besides you have the straw that stirs the drink don’t you? So what’s the rush

  2. Please, rush him back. It’ll be hilarious when he gets hurt again because Dr. Jerruh said he was ready.

  3. So what happens if they win every game until Dak gets back and then start losing when he starts again?

  4. Kids, this is what unbridled enthusiasm looks like. There is not one piece of data suggesting a very rapid return is happening, yet Jerry promotes it with certainty. For Jerry, possible = likely.

  5. The sooner Dak gets back on the field the better. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    The NFC East.

  6. Dr. Jerruh bringing guys back from injury too soon. GM Jerruh landing Dak Prescott because his main target, Paxton Lynch, wasn’t available. Owner Jerruh chasing Jimmy Johnson out of town and subsequently winning just 3 playoff games in nearly thirty years.

    May Jerry Jones find the fountain of youth and drink from it so he continues his roles indefinitely.

  7. he gonna do the same thing he did to Romo, rush them back before healed up, and will get hurt again. when room had a hurt back, he rushed Romo back and then he got hurt again. jerry doesn’t care about player safety he only cars about Money..

  8. paging dr jeruhhh, is he serious or better question who takes him serious anymore. i am sure that eagles and giants fans want dak back fast, the team actually looked more in sync with rush at qb. dak is so over hyped and over paid i cant wait for jeruh to have rush to do to him what he did to romo.

  9. Jerruh isnt a Dr. but he likes to think he knows everything and he is way overpaying the kid. Im sure he’s not very happy that he’s paying Dakota to sit on the sidelines again. The Boys looked pretty awful when he was playing. Lets give Mr.Rush a chance.

  10. If I were a Cowboys fan, this would be so sad. The Panthers bring me plenty of sadness already.
    I’m not, so it is hilarious! Thank you for the cheer up, Jerruh!

  11. Dr. Jones will push him back in before he’s healed up then watch he get’s hurt again and then truly will be out for the season.

  12. There’s no Jerruh like Dr. Jerruh… and I sincerely pray there are no doctors like Dr. Jerruh either.

  13. a lot of people missed the part of the story where he says “I don’t know,” multiple times, about the time table for his return

  14. Dak loses a game, looks like crap while playing in game 1… gets injured and can’t play game 2. Rush, looks good and leads the team to victory in game 2. Jerry “don’t worry DAK will be back”. WTF, this is why the Cowboys have been a middle-tier team since the 90s. Jerry is a terrible owner and GM. I feel for anyone who calls themselves a Cowboys fan.

  15. Dr. Jones will rush him back behind a poor offensive line just to get injured again. When you sign average quarterbacks to top market money someone else has to go. They beat the Bengals and their line that is actually worse than last season. Washington will be a better test

  16. Whereas every other GM gives their opponents as little information as possible…

    Mr. Jones has yet to meet a microphone he can resist.

    May he live to be 100.

  17. I believe it was 2015 when Romo broke his clavicle in the 2nd game. They rushed him back to play in the Thanksgiving game, which was the game before their bye week, and it done broke again. Jerry Jones is an idiot’s idiot.

  18. Is Jerruh trying to get Prescott re-injured so he can collect more insurance on his contract or something?

    It’s starting to sound like that more and more every time I hear that man open his mouth about rushing him back.

  19. Plain and Simple…Talk to Russell Wilson who had the same injury…..I could care less what Jones wants me to do.. it’s my career..mi would come back when it is fully healed

  20. Jerrr just gave Dakota his marching orders! He heard Dakota was in Paris making a commercial for ‘BioFreze’

  21. Did Prescott take a dive for a minor injury because of such a sorry outing for his playing time.

  22. If anything Jones should be downplaying Prescott’s timeline and the expectations of his play upon returning to the field as opposed to ratcheting everything up and needlessly gearing the situation for failure. Then again, Jones is an attention you-know-what and in many instances he seems almost incapable of reigning himself in where discretion would often be the better alternative.

  23. The best thing to ever happen to Dak would be for Cooper Rush to keep beating these bad teams and have Jerry and the fans demanding Rush continue to start. They could easily win the next two and the Rams are inconsistent enough to give then a chance until the eagles end cowboys fans dreams of replacing Dak.

  24. Dak will be back when he gets back. People ask Jerry questions, and he answers. Jerry Jones is a HOF owner with three Lombardi Trophies. He’s one owner I don’t question too much. He’s a proven champion. He’s getting up there in age, but he’s still very sharp. Every comment he makes gets a lot of attention. The man is a money machine.

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