Kliff Kingsbury: I’d love to see Kyler Murray take over from the start every week


Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray said after Sunday’s wild comeback victory over the Raiders that he felt like he had to take over during the second half.

Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury wouldn’t mind having Murray do that all the time.

“I’d love to see it from the start every week,” Kingsbury said in his Monday press conference. “I think that’s the ability and the talent that he has and I’ve got to do a better job of getting our offense off to a quicker start, there’s no doubt. But we’ve seen him do that before and he can make it go when he wants to.”

Arizona has scored only seven points in the first half of its first two games. And that’s something Kingsbury knows needs to change moving forward.

“I think collectively we’ve just got to start faster,” he said.

The Cardinals will get the chance to do so against the Rams on Sunday.

10 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: I’d love to see Kyler Murray take over from the start every week

  1. My brothers and I could make the playbook. As kids in the backyard it was “you do a button hook, you do a stop, and you go deep. Ready? Break!”

  2. “he can make it go when he wants to”

    That’s what it all comes down to, doesn’t it? The slow-pedaling of the new contract. The condition about study time. You have a guy with great talent who spends most of his time wanting to be seen as great but not doing what it takes to be great, and team brass knows it.

    Hopefully the thrill he got from a week 2 comeback win shows him what it feels like to actually *be* great and not just in your own mind. Because there’s a real opportunity in the division right now, and it’s up to which team most wants to take it.

  3. Pretty sure the playcalling is what’s holding Murray and the offense back. But, hey, Kliff, you look great.

  4. The knock against Patrick Mahomes coming out is that he was poorly coached. The cardinals went out hired that coach who couldn’t cut it in the Big 12 in a truly genius move. So imagine what Kyler Murray would look like if he receives professional coaching instead of a guy who couldn’t land a job in the mountain west. Who needs to study a pop Warner playbook.

  5. After the contrast of the before (1st half) and after (2nd half) in the Raiders game, the whole team got a wake up call… It will be interesting to watch what happens this next week with the Rams coming to town.

  6. To all of the commenter that said Kyler Murray is a “ne guy” when he said “I had to take the game over”-1.did you bother to find out what context that statement was under?
    2. Who did he take the game over from, his team mates or the game plan/play calling.
    Also, those that say that he only plays when he wants to, is poorly prepared, etc., etc,-ask you this:
    Do you remember a guy that used to “take over” games, until the head coach realized (like Kliff Kingsburry) that he shoul play that way from the beginning?
    Well, I do-his name was John Elway……

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