NFL sends warning letter to Bruce Arians, Buccaneers

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The decision to impose a one-game suspension on receiver Mike Evans was only part of the league’s reaction to Sunday’s brouhaha between the Bucs and the Saints. The NFL also had a message for the team and former head coach Bruce Arians.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL sent a warning letter to Arians and the Buccaneers in the aftermath of Sunday’s incident.

Arians was properly in the bench area generally, but he was clearly in the white stripe reserved for officials, players, and coaches during the altercation. He also was clearly involved in the verbal aspect of the kerfuffle.

The specifics of the warning aren’t known at this point. Presumably, the Buccaneers face potential penalties during the game, and Arians faces potential discipline in the form of a fine or possibly even a banishment from the bench area. Regardless, it likely won’t get to that.

“He’ll comply,” the source said.

The league realizes that there’s a potential problem from having a former head coach serve as an unofficial agitator and/or otherwise behaving as if he’s still the coach even though he isn’t. Good for the league to shut it down, swiftly and decisively.

52 responses to “NFL sends warning letter to Bruce Arians, Buccaneers

  1. A nuthin burger here it happened against the Saints so TB gets another pass, nice message sent NFL..not!

  2. They should punish Bruce by making him watch replays of Kirk Cousins primetime games on an endless loop.

  3. Too little too late. BA said something to Mike Evans ….not sure what it was but Evans immediate response was to blindside Lattimore. AGAIN! How is he suspended for only one game. Obviously he didn’t learn from the first suspension and he could’ve hurt Lattimore in both instances. That said they got the win. Wish they were a little more gracious with the gift we gave them because they damn sure didn’t beat us. Just glad we didn’t lose our best defensive player to injury because of some moron.

  4. Why has the NFL been able to investigate and dispense all punishments and suspensions within hours of their real life brawl, yet AEW has yet to announce anything for CM Punk, Ace Steele, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks weeks later, despite multiple eye witnesses. WHAT’S the hold up Tony Khan??? You work for the NFL you should know how to handle this.

  5. I’ve seen owners and folks that probably have no business being on the sidelines, but never say them intervene in a game. Should’ve been banished period.

    Also lots of punches thrown and ignored. Runyan needs to step up his duties. If you’re gonna police the players then police them all.

  6. Arians will take a match to that letter and then use the same letter to light up his cigar.
    Tom Brady and maybe Bruce’s wife are the only ones who can tell Bruce what to do.

  7. sure looked like he was involved in the game and nowhere near the gm he’s in an advisory position for.

  8. How about swift and decisive on Dan Snyder NFL? That right Dan has too much dirt on them. In time all the details will come out.

  9. They send a warning to arians but not Evans who could have ended somebody’s season for a second time without them seeing what’s coming.

  10. When do les Jerry jones and Arthur smith get one?

    I’ve seen plenty of GMs and executive’s on those sidelines too.

  11. Arians actions suggests that he wishes he were still coaching, adding credence to the belief that he was forced out by TB12

  12. Arians is a punk, and the league should have fined him at least $100,000 to send a clear message that his antics won’t be tolerated

  13. So, a slap on the wrist for the Bucs. He has no reason to be there and a monetary penalty should have been imposed. But as we know, NFL justice is far from consistent or logical.

  14. If he is there as a consultant to help with analysis during the game thats fine. But if he’s just there as an agitator I don’t see any purpose thats good for the game, nor a reason should the league start allowing guys to be on the sidelines in such a role.

  15. In his defense it was all he did last year while “coaching”. Showed up for the games to yell at everyone, let other people game plan, coach, and show up during the week.

  16. They are not going to do anything to Tom Brady , or Bruce . T
    hey will baby them like allways …

  17. If my Saints did that there would be suspensions and fines left and right.. but it happened against the Saints so they get a slap on their wrist.

  18. I can see why Bowles hesitates to give orders to Arians, considering he used to work for him and might feel like he owes Arians his current HC position, but the Glazers need to tell Arians to stay in the booth. It never should have come to the League office having to step in.

  19. BEFORE Fournette even took the first swing at Lattimore, you can clearly read the lips of Arians who tells Mike Evans, “Get Out There Mike!” and Evans starts to run back on the field, then Fournette takes the first cheap shot, then Evans runs around the mini scrum area and blind sides Lattimore. Arians gets a “warning letter” when he should have been fined, suspended and given a lifetime sideline ban. He SENT Evans, a player with a history of taking cheap shots and who has been suspended for taking cheap shots, back onto the field to specifically take another cheap shot at a player.

    The NFL is an absolute joke!

  20. bennettstlsf says: “They send a warning to arians but not Evans who could have ended somebody’s season for a second time without them seeing what’s coming.”

    I seem to remember something about Evans getting a full-game suspension. That’s a bit more harsh than a warning. SMH.

  21. Cassius Marsh got a taunting penalty and fined $6k for STARING at the Steelers bench last season. Marshon stopped and yelled at the Bucs bench (and Arians) several times, nothin

  22. I hate the NFL but i also love it. How can they always get it wrong? Arians started the whole thing fine him a 100K and send a message that this isn’t acceptable.

  23. A simple slap on the wrist for Buccaneers. It seems like this drama follows Brady wherever he goes which makes me wonder about his involvement. Arians stepped down (it appears not by choice) and just needs to go away. He is an embarrassment for the Buccaneers and the NFL.

  24. Bruce Arians is a jerk,and so is the GM, for undermining Todd Bowles’ position by being on the sideline.At best it was discussed as a possibility as a condition of Bowles being HC and at worst it was impromptu.Either way Arians should know better than to hover over Bowles.

  25. They are just a low rent franchise across the board. From the tacky helmets/uniforms to the owner, to the arrogance of who is on that team, to the entitlement, etc.

    So unlikeable.

  26. flexx91 says:
    September 21, 2022 at 8:23 am
    Behaving like a 70+ year old child is more like it……

    Actually he was defending a brutal call that was clear pass interference. Good for him!

  27. I keep waiting for him just to bite it one of these days. If he tries this in New England, they’ll take a backhow out on the field and bury him right then and there.

  28. And to think, Bruce “retired,” what…after the 2011 season? This guy can’t stay away from the game to save his life. Anything to avoid puttering around the house with the wife asking you to fix the garbage disposal, eh Bruce?

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