Nick Sirianni on Jalen Hurts: Big-time performance on a big-time stage

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One of the talking points about the Eagles this offseason was whether Jalen Hurts would prove to be the team’s long-term answer at quarterback and he made a persuasive case in his favor on Monday night against the Vikings.

Hurts was 26-of-31 for 333 yards and a touchdown through the air and he ran for 57 yards and two more scores to lead the Eagles to a 24-7 win. Head coach Nick Sirianni called it a “big-time performance on a big-time stage” during his press conference and a testament to the work that Hurts has put in this year.

When Hurts took his turn at the podium, he was asked if Monday’s game was his best as a pro. Hurts didn’t answer that directly and used his response to credit his teammates.

“I said it earlier, no man is an island,” Hurts said. “You have to draw your strength from others. I can’t perform without the other 10 on the field. Same on the other side. They need me to do my job for them to eat. It’s a collective group. It was a big team win. A big-time team win.”

Hurts also lamented the Eagles’ inability to pile up more points in the second half on Monday, but there was plenty to like as they moved to 2-0 on the young season.

9 responses to “Nick Sirianni on Jalen Hurts: Big-time performance on a big-time stage

  1. Great performance by everyone involved on the Eagles. I felt the Refs brutal in the first half and Kirk Cousins should just decline primetime games. What’s his record? 2-10?

    I know there’s no official stat for this but Cousins hit at the Eagles CBs in the hands with 5 passes they dropped in addition to the 3 the CBs caught.

    This is Exhibit A against Cousins for anyone who calls him elite. Hurts needs to have games like this consistently to get a new contract and so far this season he is 2-2.

    That Eagles offensive line was something else, Hurts averaged over 3 seconds in the pocket to throw.

  2. Is Hurts comes close to playing like this for the season, then Eagles are clearly best team in NFC

  3. So happy to see all of Halen’s hard work start to pay off. This result is due to his relentless work ethic and love for the game of football. To see how far he has come since his freshman year at Alabama is impressive. Well done, this kid is legit

  4. All of the people rooting for Hurts to fail and calling him a running back who can sort of throw are going to be taking some Tums after that performance: 84% completion percentage, 10.74 yards per pass attempt.

  5. Hurts the opposite of Cousins when on the big stage. He looked really good last night. Jalen made it look easy.

  6. It’s getting a little silly at this point to weigh whether or not Hurts is a starting caliber, winning quarterback in the NFL. His record speaks for itself, and right now he’s a top-rated passer for an undefeated team that looks very hard to beat.

    It’s like he has a strange label that won’t go away. Consider, however, how he stacks up to other starters in the league. Even more so, consider which NFL starting quarterback is preferable to him. There are perhaps a few more reliable options, but not many. The Eagles have themselves gem.

    Of course, any NFL player is subject to quick criticism when they perform poorly, so the whole thing could turn around after a week or two. But, the reality is in a “what have you done for me lately” league Hurts is a top tier player, and is looking elite.

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