Baker Mayfield: No one’s hitting the panic button yet

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
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The Panthers have only played two games this season, but it feels like their season could be over if they don’t find a way to win against the Saints this weekend.

Starting 0-2 leaves teams with a very difficult road to a playoff berth and 0-3 makes that exponentially more difficult. With speculation already floating about head coach Matt Rhule’s job security, that might lead some to wonder if the Panthers might be close to flipping into panic mode as they try to salvage their season.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield has his own concerns for the future thanks to being in the last year of his contract, but he said on Wednesday that he doesn’t see panic setting in around the team.

“Each week you need to have a sense of urgency to win,” Mayfield said at a press conference. “The no-panic mindset comes from the fact that we are just now going into our first division game. . . . Nobody’s hitting the panic button yet. It also helps that we’ve lost by a total of five points.”

The slim margin of the two losses may help in Mayfield’s eyes, but others would see that as a sign that the team is missing the kind of execution and coaching that allows them to do all of the little things well enough to win games. Panicking probably wouldn’t change that, but the Panthers need to find something that will.

25 responses to “Baker Mayfield: No one’s hitting the panic button yet

  1. This Panthers fan panicked upon the hire of Dave Gettleman & hasn’t stopped since. There hasn’t been one thing done to make me NOT panic in a long time. The list is way too long.

  2. The panthers will not be going to the playoffs this season. I expect ownership to clean house at the end of this season.

    Baker Mayfield is not talented enough to be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL. He is also not good enough to serve as a backup quarterback.

  3. He may not be panicked, but I’m thinking it’s more likely they go winless than make the playoffs at this point. Maybe there is some huge turn around for the team, maybe I’ll win the lottery. Who knows, I’m not panicked.

  4. Well Bakey, do you hit the panic button if you lose to NO THEN have the Rams, Cards, Bucs, and 49ers coming in? Panthers are headed toward 2-6 at the halfway pt.

  5. Matt Rhule will be the first coaching casualty of the season. He always looks confused on the sideline.

  6. I’d bet that Darnold can’t wait to get back to the team, after seeing Baker’s first 2 games and the Saints coming to town this Sunday….

  7. No need to hit a panic button, it’s just a matter of time until this team quits after losing a few more games. Btw Baker, if you lose by 5 or 55, it’s still a loss.

  8. This team was 5-12 last year. Mayfield might be a better option than Darnold, but he’s not guy that wills a team from 5-12 to the playoff contention overnight (if at all)>

  9. if #6 plays a certain % of the snaps he makes a few Million more .. hard to think that happens ..

  10. 0-2 becomes 0-8 real fast, and there goes the big contract next year. This is a classic case of a player thinking he is good when he isn’t. All the planets would have to align for him to carry a team like the Panthers to the playoffs. Next year the Panthers could have a chance with a new coach and QB, and a good draft….

  11. Win a division game and things will be much improved.
    Lose to the Saints, time to clean house.
    The only path for the Panthers to the playoffs, is thru the division.
    Keep Pounding!

  12. Why squabble over 2 million dollars and bring a guy in way too late to be prepared. Gm and coach failure.

  13. Rhule doesn’t have any urgency with his confusing coaching and the staff that he hired. He’s a college coach

  14. Head coach Matt Rhule reminds me of that co-worker we all have that looks extremely busy all day long,but never really gets anything done.

  15. The concern should be David Tepper using the eject button. When he used the panic button in the past he gave opportunities to mid tier QBs trying to find a franchise QB.

  16. Bad QB, bad HC, and a bad team. What more could Panther fans want to get the #1 draft pick next year.

  17. If Tepper had a brain cell in his head, he’d fire Rhule and hire Sean Payton for whatever it takes. Rhule doesn’t have the ability to coach in the NFL.

  18. I’ve been a Baker fan since his days at OU. But dang – things aren’t looking great. And his QB play is, well, suspect. I thought he was better than what he is showing. 2 more outings like the first 2 and, well, maybe its time to move on.

  19. Baker set the rookie TD record, then got Freddie kitchens as HC, then the next tear took the all time caller dweller browns to the playoffs. The browns to the playoffs!! Then beat the browns biggest rivals the steelers. Then he got saddled with past his prime odell as a 1WR then had his left arm ripped out of his socket. Put baker in an air raid offense with good tall WRs and watch him succeed. Guy has had like 7 OCs in 5 years amd 5 HCs.

  20. With way worse talent Sam was 3-0 at this point last season before getting injured. Baker is proving the failure we all knew when he was in Cleveland. When Sam is healthy bring him back to starter and bench Baker and let’s see what will happen. Baker had the easiest part of the schedule and proved he could not win….

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