Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert remains “day-to-day”

NFL: SEP 15 Chargers at Chiefs
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Six days ago, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert fractured rib cartilage during a hit that clearly affected him for the remainder of his team’s game against the Chiefs. Five days ago, coach Brandon Staley called Herbert “day-to-day.” Today, Staley provided an update.

Per Staley, Herbert remains “day-to-day.” Staley added that Herbert will participate in individual drills on Monday.

So what goes into the decision as to whether Herbert will play on Sunday?

We’re going to listen to Justin,” Staley said, via Bridget Condon of NFL Network. “Number one . . . it will start with him and then him feeling good about what the medical team feels is best.”

Over the weekend, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network described Herbert’s ability to play as a pain tolerance issue. If that’s the case (and I’m generally not a fan of that label since it puts the onus on the player to show that he’s tough enough to play in pain), look for Herbert to play.

If Herbert can’t play, veteran Chase Daniel would get the nod for the 1-1 Chargers against the 1-1 Jaguars.

Herbert fought threw the pain on Thursday night, and he performed well. He’ll likely find a way to fight through the pain and perform well on Sunday against the Jaguars.

Just beware the potential impact of a painkilling injection. Herbert first inherited the starting job with the Chargers two years ago, after Tyrod Taylor was on the wrong end of a misplaced hypodermic. It was reported over the weekend that Taylor has sued the doctor (whose name is not Dr. Needle) for “medical battery” in connection with the shot gone awry.

2 responses to “Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert remains “day-to-day”

  1. So the medical team has no say? You’re going to trot out an injured QB? Good luck with your 300+ million dollar investment.

  2. Anyone who has had torn rib cartilage can tell you its very painful. Just sneezing or coughing can put you on your knees, also its an injury that seems to take a long time to completely heal. I dont know what kind of painkillers they think they can shoot Herbert up with to play but they would be wise to sit him for 3 or 4 weeks because there is better than a 50% chance that he could aggravate and make it worse than it already is. Torn rib cartilage is more painful full than broken ribs.

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