George Pickens says he was open “90 percent of the time” against the Patriots

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
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He was a star of training camp and the preseason. Through two regular-season games, receiver George Pickens has largely become an afterthought.

Despite fairly extensive playing time (71 percent of the snaps in Week One and 85 percent in Week Two), Pickens has six targets and two catches, for 26 total yards.

From his perspective, it’s not for lack of success when it comes to finding an opening in the defense. Via Joe Rutter of the Pittburgh Tribune-Review, Pickens said Tuesday that he was open “90 percent of the time” against the Patriots in Week Two.

“I just say that because I’m a big guy that runs in the low 4.4s,” Pickens said. “I always have a step on somebody and my step is naturally longer than the other person, and I’m actually fast. I’m always [going to] have a step and always feel like 99 recent of the time I’m open even though the ball gets there in the air and [the defender] gets time to catch back up. . . . But I’m open as soon as I get off the line.”

It’s not uncommon for receivers to think they’re always open. Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool likely think the same thing.

“I’d love to get George more involved,” suddenly embattled offensive coordinator Matt Canada said, via Rutter. “Those who have been at practice and at camp know how talented he is.”

The Steelers should indeed be doing more on offense. Beyond the receivers, they have running back Najee Harris. The problem seems to be the offensive line. Or maybe the quarterback. Or maybe Canada.

Regardless, they don’t have much time to get things right.  The Steelers play on Thursday night in Cleveland. After that, it’s another home game (and another round of KENNY chants, potentially) against the Jets.

Whatever the Steelers do, they need to get it figured out. The schedule after Week Four didn’t look particularly daunting before the first two games were played. Now, it’s at 2-0 Bills, vs. 2-0 Bucs, at 2-0 Dolphins, and at 2-0 Eagles, with a bye thereafter.

Yes, the Steelers need to find a way to get ready for those games, or they could be on their way to the first losing season under Mike Tomlin.

21 responses to “George Pickens says he was open “90 percent of the time” against the Patriots

  1. Nothing like a rookie wide out implicitly calling out his veteran QB. My guess his math skills arent on par with his athletic skills because 90% would certainly command more than six targets.

  2. ” ….first losing season under Mike Tomlin.” Note: in 14 seasons since inheriting a Super Bowl caliber team with a Hall of Fame quarterback and a Hall of Fame Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau ——- three 8 and 8 seasons, and three 9 win seasons, no playoff wins in 5 years (6 counting this year). 3 playoff wins in the past 11 years (12 counting this year),and 5 first round playoff losses to underdog teams. How would Tomlin had done if he had inherited a terrible team with a terrible quarterback and without Hall of Famer Dick LaBeau, the way most new head coaches do?

  3. If you were paid a dollar for every play a WR said they were open but didn’t get the ball, you would have a lot of money.

  4. If he played for Belichick he wouldn’t see the field Thursday night after those comments.

    He’s calling out his coaches and QB, and the other receivers by implying he deserves more looks. Someone should ask him why such a big and fast guy only caught.333 of the passes thrown to him.

  5. It seems Pittsburg has found another themselves Diva WR.

    I doubt he’ll have the production of some of the others though. He got locked up Sunday and he’s in denial.

  6. Keep working at your craft kid. You got talent for sure. But don’t let your mouth put you in the doghouse and start down that diva path.

  7. Idiot OC Canada not involving this guy enough. He may not be open 90%, but 3 targets per gm from this flaccid offense, is not anywhere near what he deserves.

  8. He is speaking the truth. Trubisky looks scared and Canada couldn’t coach a high school team. Time to replace Canada and Start Pickett.

  9. Matt Canada will not be the OC next season. He’s terrible. At the moment the Steelers issues start there and it’s gonna be a long season.

  10. Pittsburgh defense looked so good against the Bengals but couldn’t stop Mac Jones. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde!

  11. Because if he said he was open 100% of the time, he’d look like all the other diva WRs.

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