Joe Burrow: We’ve just got to stop beating ourselves

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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The Bengals have started the season 0-2, with quarterback Joe Burrow taking a whopping 13 sacks in the first two games.

But the young quarterback said on Wednesday that the sky isn’t falling.

“We’ve just got to stop beating ourselves,” Burrow said in his press conference. “The first game, first drive, pick-six. Next drive, fumble — give them 10 points off the bat and now we’re playing from behind. Defenses can pin their ears back, play third-down defense, don’t have to get up and challenge us. Same thing next game, we get down 14-3 early, starting in first-and-15s for the first three drives. And now they can play third-down defense, they can mix up the looks. They’re not afraid of the run game because they’re winning by 11 points.

“We’ve just got to quit beating ourselves, start faster, and then we’ll get more chances.”

But the team certainly has to address its pass protection, especially considering the investments the Bengals made in their offensive line over the offseason. Burrow said he’s “very comfortable” with the offensive line and can help out the unit by getting rid of the ball faster.

“Those guys are working hard to get right,” Burrow said. “I can do a lot more to help them, too. And we can do more with play-calling to help them as well. So, we’re getting this thing right. Nobody’s panicking.”

As Burrow later noted, the offensive unit has to be in sync as a whole.

“You can go and win on every route, but if you don’t have the protection, it doesn’t matter,” Burrow said. “And you can protect for as long as you want, but if you don’t go win, it doesn’t matter. It all works together.”

Burrow was close to going Full Aaron Rodgers when reiterating that while the team has a sense of urgency after starting 0-2, there’s no reason to go overboard.

“Myself, everyone is frustrated,” Burrow said. “But like I said, we’re not panicking. Two games in — we’ve got 15 games left. Let’s all just take a deep breath and relax. We’re going to be fine. We’re not worried about it.”

They’ll have a chance to start getting things right against the Jets on Sunday.

32 responses to “Joe Burrow: We’ve just got to stop beating ourselves

  1. Many experts had Cincy as a Super Bowl contender. But nobody is more disappointed than their fans. 0 – 2 against 2 mediocre teams. It’s not a good look if you plan on playing post season.

  2. They will get it together eventually but most likely will need to go on the road for the playoffs. The Ravens win the division.

  3. Just wait to you play the Ravens again that will cure all that is wrong when you pass for another 1000 yards this year. Signed A Ravens Fan

  4. No team beats themselves. They may make errors, but the other team has to capitalize on those errors while not making errors themselves.

  5. I dunno Joe. Good luck. You guys were certainly doing a lot of talking this off-season. Super Bowl hangovers are real.

  6. Its the O line of the bungels. What the heck happened there. It was supposed to be shored up and one of the best to protect the QB and he is getting hit and running for his life of late.

  7. The additions to the offensive line did not help the Bengals in fact Burrow seems to be getting pressured more. Super Bowl losers do not have a great track record. My guess is someone other than the Bengals wins the AFC North.

  8. i thought they spent big bucks on some new O-lineman? Burrow cannot let go of the ball any faster he only has maybe a 2 step drop before he’s running for his life every play. But if Kyler Murray does it its okay huh?

  9. It’s the NFL, Joe not the SEC. You can’t bounce around in the pocket for 10 seconds waiting for a wr to get open.

  10. If the Cinci coaching staff doesn’t figure out a way to protect Burrow, he will most likely not finish the season in one piece.

  11. They’ve been playing from behind since last regular season ended. They can’t keep that up or they’ll remain predictable and burrow will continue to get crushed.

  12. Defense are giving them the kc treatment. Needs to take what is givin. Stop trying for deep pass.

  13. Hey Bengal fans, keep all your Super Bowl gear. It could become very rare and worth a lot of money in the not-too-distant future…

  14. In addition to the obvious protection problems, the coaching is doing themselves no favors with some very bland play calling over the first two games. How about a screen or a draw once in a while to take advantage of defensive lines focusing solely on getting to Burrow.

  15. Bengals certainly seem to have a lot of haters out there now. Oh, to the Pitt Fanboy, a last second win in OT can never be labeled as “dominated and destroyed”. Enjoy your highlight of the year though.

  16. footballer23 says:
    September 21, 2022 at 4:14 pm
    The Steelers dominated and destroyed you. Don’t forget it.

    7 sacks
    5 turnover
    2 missed kicks
    And you needed 70 minutes to outscored them. Hardly dominated.

    And you were lucky the long snapper got hurt or you would have lost in OT.

    Bengals weren’t the better team in week 1 but they will have the better record come January.

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