Kenny Golladay confused about his lack of snaps: I should be playing

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The Giants’ previous regime signed Kenny Golladay to be a No. 1 receiver, giving him a four-year, $72 million deal in free agency before the 2021 season. The new coaching staff isn’t playing Golladay like even a No. 3 receiver, much less a No. 1.

Golladay’s 48 offensive snaps through two games rank only fourth on the team at his position, and his two receptions for 22 yards also rank fourth among the team’s wideouts.

I don’t agree with it,” Golladay said, via video from SNY. “I came here to play.”

He saw only two offensive snaps in Sunday’s win over the Panthers with no stats.

“I didn’t like the decision whatsoever,” Golladay said.

Golladay said he is not in Brian Daboll’s doghouse and disagrees with the explanation he was given for his lack of playing time.

“I should be playing regardless,” Golladay said.

Golladay, who caught 37 passes for 521 yards in his first season with the Giants in 2021, does not know what this week holds. The Giants play the Cowboys on Monday Night Football.

“I’m preparing like I’m going to be playing, but who knows,” he said. “The G.M., head coach, all these coaches keep saying, ‘You do everything right; you handle yourself the right way.’ It’s a little confusing.”

Golladay was asked whether he will request a trade if things continue going the way they’re going.

“We’re not going to get into all that right now. We’re going into Week 3,” he said. “We’re going to see how it goes. There’s a lot of football left.”

The Giants can cut Golladay next spring with a post-June 1 designation and save $14 million against the cap. So, it’s hard to envision Golladay returning to the team in 2023.

30 responses to “Kenny Golladay confused about his lack of snaps: I should be playing

  1. If he’s your #1 then you have issues. He’s a complementary WR (plays well with better WR’s ahead of him)

  2. Just a few days ago he was just happy to be on a winning team. Now it appears that isn’t really good enough.
    He apparently doesn’t realize that he could be sent somewhere that he plays a lot and also loses a lot.

  3. Kenny was Gettleman’s worst acquisition, and Getty had a number of bad ones. After this season the Giants can FINALLY get out from under the mess (player-wise and money-wise) that Getty created. Kenny will be one of the first ones gone.

  4. Complaining to the media isn’t gonna get you playing time. If you’re not in the doghouse now you definitely will be

  5. One thing I have to say and it’s a credit to the coaching staff, he handled the reporters question very professionally. He even dodged questions about whether he wanted to be elsewhere. Now it’s up to him to go make plays and create more opportunities. Same with Slayton.

  6. The Lions, THE LIONS! didn’t resign this guy for a reason, even when they had zero talent coming back at the WR position. Too much off the field stuff. He doesn’t care now that he got that money.

  7. Fact is Matt Stafford made Golladay look wayyyyyy better than he actually was when he was in Detroit

  8. Whether you think he is worth the money or not the guy should be getting targets. This passing game is embarrassing. I think Kenny Golladay more than “makes the cut” as a qualifying Giants receiver.

  9. Maybe if you were more of a team guy………
    Once you signed that $72 million contract you checked out Kenny. Byby

  10. He should go in on the trademark business with Geno but make sure his “catchy” phrase reflects an over-drafted, irrelevant WR and not that of a catachrestic has-been QB.

  11. Probably pretty sick of the fans yelling at him as he’s getting in his car after games about how much money he’s getting paid. Saw that on Tik Tok Sunday.

  12. Credit to the new regime in NY by setting the right tone and by not making waves. From the outside looking in, the Giants are heading in the right direction with this new GM and coach.

  13. Game check is $756,000 but although I have questions about him, he needs to play if only to show he’s in or out! If he just wanted to get paid $756,000 I might just say I love it here!

  14. Golladay needs a good QB that trusts him. Golladay will win the 50/50 ball every single time. A guy like Stafford is perfect for Kenny.
    Detroit was glad the Giants gave him so much money, they got a high compensatory pick.

  15. nytro says:
    September 21, 2022 at 8:08 pm
    Another player the Lions ruined. Stafford is the last man standing and the Rams get the SB victory.
    Garbage QB play in NY ruined Kenny. His production will come back once he’s out of NY.

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