Kyle Shanahan confirms that Trey Lance is out for the rest of the year


In the aftermath of the broken ankle suffered by 49ers quarterback Trey Lance in Week Two, some uncertainty had emerged as to the question of whether Lance has a chance to play again this year.

On Wednesday, coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters that Lance will not return later in the regular season, or in the postseason (if the 49ers make it there).

“He’ll be out until next season,” Shanahan said.

It’s unclear whether Lance would have a chance to recover and be ready to go. If there would be, Shanahan doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing that route.

So it’s now about getting Lance ready for 2023. Shanahan was asked about Lance’s spirits.

“He’s doing as good as you can,” Shanahan said. “Trey’s been great. A number of guys, we’ve all talked to him a bunch, and he’s trying to come to the game this week. I don’t think he’ll be able to, until the swelling goes down, but he’ll be back and a part of us sooner than later.”

Lance will presumably be part of the team next year; he’s under contract through 2024. But the pressure will be more significant than ever on Lance as he enters his third NFL season. It’s not his fault. The circumstances add pressure and expectations for which he didn’t bargain. From being the third pick to the 49ers giving up so much to get him to having Jimmy Garoppolo on the team in 2021 and 2022 to watching Garoppolo possibly play so well this year that the 49ers would perhaps bring him back next year, Lance has had something far different than the typical experience for a first-round quarterback.

Year three is often the up-or-out season for first-round signal-callers. Even if Lance’s grace period is extended, he’ll be approaching the end of it — without having done much to make anyone think he may be the long-term answer in San Francisco.

40 responses to “Kyle Shanahan confirms that Trey Lance is out for the rest of the year

  1. One would expect Kyle Shanahan to hurry and squelch any conversation about Trey Lance taking the field any time THIS season. Not only would everyone and his brother protest it as unhealthy, but Shanahan would not be able to use him how he has established he desires to – frequently running him off tackle as an integral part of the run game.

  2. @avpackfan, Tough break for Lance, who’s a good kid. Good break for the Niners, whose Super Bowl chances just increased. Raising the question of why Lance was starting in the first place, other than sunk cost fallacy related to the three first-round picks.

  3. dstegesaurus says:
    September 21, 2022 at 8:57 pm
    Could you imagine if JG led them to a SB victory? lol!


    It’s not really that hard for me to imagine. A couple years ago Jimmy G. had the 49ers out to a 20-10 lead in the 4th quarter of the super bowl, and then my T.V went blank and I didn’t see the final six minutes. So, in my mind, the 49ers won the super bowl. I didn’t find out until the next day what had happened. But I hear what you’re saying, too. Yes, it would be something. (and I made that story up)

  4. Jimmy G is not the type. But it would be great if he announced his retirement. They just took complete advantage of a guy who, although maybe not elite, took them to a Super Bowl. Now, I would bet he wished he hadn’t conceded to their “restructuring” of his contract. Had SF had an offer for a trade that got them out from underneath what they owed him, they would have sent him down the river in a heartbeat. Now he is (hopefully) going to pull their fat from the proverbial fire, and set himself up for a great contract somewhere, next year.

  5. The 49ers are going to be in a pickle soon. Luckily, Garappolo gifted them a get out of jail free card for 2022. Lance didn’t look fast or elusive before the broken/dislocated ankle and ligament damage. Odds are, he’s going to lose a bit of athleticism after recovery—running might not be his bread and butter going forward. Developing into a pocket passer might be his best option, if possible. Perhaps more concerning, Trey has 4 NFL starts and a total of three different injuries in limited action.

  6. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.
    You could see by his throws that he has talent but needed game experience and reps. Hope he gets his chance next year.

  7. If Garoppolo does OK this year, he is a free agent and can go where he wants and get paid a lot more than he will get this year.
    What will the 49ers do then?

  8. Bad luck happens…
    That said, Lynch and (especially) Shanahan paid a huge price to out smart everyone (ego) and get the “steal” of the draft and now they are back to square one. With the team happy for it and no indication that Lance will be any good.
    Where do they go from here?

  9. So basically Jimmy just makes less money now? Or did his contract get reduced based on him not playing and goes back to full value if he now starts all games?

    Just a terrible waste of draft capital they gave up vs just fortifying the roster around jimmy.

  10. Holy stuck between a rock n hard place but would like JG to do as well as he possibly can n lordy don’t get hurt and next year let the QB fates fall where they may with the sad fact remains the new kid has played virtually no NFL games.

  11. Why facing the risk of early return while having Jimmy G? The bigger risk is Trey’s fans will chase Shanahan out of town if Trey re-injures his ankle.

  12. This was a reach pick from the start. He played one full college season at N Dakota State in 2019. And they made him the 3rd puck overall????

  13. Since the injury it was assumed he was out for the year (we all saw the foot at the wrong angle on the replay) and I swear it was confirmed only a few hours later. So Im not clear where anyone got the idea he would be coming back nor have I heard that even suggested. It sucks end of story. Hope he gets better and gets a fair shot at the aplle nect year.

  14. dstegesaurus says:
    September 21, 2022 at 8:57 pm
    Could you imagine if JG led them to a SB victory? lol!


    Whats intriguing is that this is actually not out of the question. Some could argue that if JG stays healthy (an ‘if’ that has to be considered) it becomes a very strong possibility all the way to the end.

  15. I was very unimpressed in his first game against Chicago. For me, the jury is still out. Jimmy G., on the other hand, is a known quantity. With Shenahan reverting back to an offense build around Jimmy G.’s strengths, they could once again go deep into the playoffs. There was no possibility of that happening with Trey. Welcome to the pros, Trey.

  16. That’s a laugh, “not his fault”. Yes, it is part of Lance’s fault. He shouldn’t have come out so early. He should have developed his game, so he wouldn’t look so hopeless in practice and in games. It’s also Lynch’s fault for giving up so much on a prospect that only shows that he can run and throw, but CAN’T make a quick read and anticipate the throw. Trey is not Josh Allen, he’s more of a Cam Newton.

  17. avpackfan says:
    September 21, 2022 at 8:43 pm
    Tough break for Lance & the 49ers.

    Funny, this is how I felt for the Packers in the playoffs last year 🙂

  18. Now he has to count on Jimmu Glass making it through a whole season. Shanahan’ll be an OC next season and lynch will be back on fox.

  19. It’s true because he got a call from Dr Jerry Jones. Dak would play this weekend, but Trey is done for the year.

  20. ob2040 says:
    September 22, 2022 at 5:11 am
    This was a reach pick from the start. He played one full college season at N Dakota State in 2019. And they made him the 3rd puck overall????

    Don’t forget all the draft capital they squandered moving up nine spots for a QB no one else wanted.

  21. There was a time when even running QBs were evaluated not only for their physical abilities but their mental processing. Today we see college QBs being drafted without evaluating their ability to read and adjust even to college Ds much simpler than those in the NFL as if anyone could be taught to do so. They often can’t. The steady parade of 1st round draft pick physical Wunderkinds bombing in the big leagues are a sad testimony to this trend.

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