Matt LaFleur: Mike Evans’ suspension doesn’t impact us at all

NFL: SEP 11 Buccaneers at Cowboys
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The Packers won’t have to face Mike Evans in Week Three after the Buccaneers’ receiver had his one-game suspension upheld on Wednesday.

But when Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur was asked how Evans’ absence affects Green Bay’s preparation, he said, “Not much.”

We’ve got enough to worry about,” LaFleur said in his press conference. “They’ve got a lot of playmakers over there — really in every phase — and great coaches. It’s going to be a great challenge. We only worry about the things that we can control and that’s totally out of our control. So, it doesn’t impact us at all.”

LaFleur added that players know even without Evans, the Buccaneers are such a strong team that can be tough to deal with in all areas.

“Well yeah, I mean, regardless of who’s out there for them, that’s a heck of a challenge,” LaFleur said. “Defensively, they’re loaded. Offensively, they’re loaded. They’ve got Tom and they’ve got a lot of great athleticism on their team and that definitely helps their special teams. It’s going to be quite the challenge, we know that.”

The Buccaneers have defeated the Packers in each of the two matchups they’ve had since Brady joined the team — in the 2020 regular season and the 2020 NFC Championship Game.

13 responses to “Matt LaFleur: Mike Evans’ suspension doesn’t impact us at all

  1. Two things that kill me as a Packers fan! One is Rodgers propensity to hang on to the ball too long and take needless sacks! Two is constantly having to burn time outs because of the play clock running out! Seems like nothing is ever focused on here!

  2. Just say it helps a little as he’s a big playmaker in their offense but there are still many capable playmakers we need to game plan for….something like that

  3. They’re more interested in the officiating crew so the mysterious third and long defensive penalties show up. Just enough to keep drives alive.

  4. I have a feeling the Packers DBs are none too happy Evans will be on the sideline. These guys relish the challenge of playing against the best.

  5. Since they paid Alexander top dollar they decided they will be a zone team because that is what you do with a stud CB.

  6. If it doesn’t impact you at all then why is he on your team… at all, and why are you paying him so much money?… at all.

  7. Sure it does. You’ll be playing a team that is minus a player who is on a path to the Hall of Fame.

  8. Lol. Now I know where Nathaniel Hackett gets it from. Sounds more like…’We really didn’t have much of a game plan, so their top player being out doesn’t really affect what plan we did have’. My Lord, what a world.

  9. If it doesn’t impact you at all then why is he on your team… at all, and why are you paying him so much money?… at all.
    Last I checked, Matt LaFleur is the Packers coach and Mike Evans plays for the Buccaneers so I don’t think LaFleur is paying Evans much money.

  10. Hopefully LaFleur has dedicated his game prep on stopping Fournette.

    If Brady beats the Packers with that trash heap set of receivers, so be it.

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