Mike Evans loses appeal, is suspended for Sunday

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Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans has lost the appeal of his one-game suspension and will miss Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Evans was suspended for his altercation with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in last week’s game. James Thrash, the appeals officer jointly appointed by the NFL and NFL Players Association, upheld that suspension today.

For the Buccaneers, it means they’re down their No. 1 receiver in a crucial game against another team with NFC championship aspirations. It’s a significant loss on the field.

This will mark the second time Evans has served a one-game suspension, and the previous suspension, in 2017, was also for an altercation with Lattimore. Evans and Lattimore will see each other again when the Buccaneers host the Saints in Week 13, but Evans won’t see the Packers this season unless the teams meet up again in the playoffs.

14 responses to “Mike Evans loses appeal, is suspended for Sunday

  1. So, Mike Evans gets a proper week off, Brady doesn’t get Goodell to cheat for him again for rating$, and Aaron Donald was never suspended for assault and battery himself.


  2. Mike,just wait until joint practices next off-season and hit him over the head with a helmet or two. League won’t care.

  3. Brady should be feeling somewhat guilty. He’s the one who started the actions that led to the actions Evans took. Brady was beefing with Lattimore. Lattimore gave it right back. Then Evans decides to enter the fray backing up his QB. Ultimately but unintentionally,… Brady is responsible for Evans getting suspended.

  4. Goodell promised Brady and the team that the refs will offset the loss of Evans by giving them even more calls throughout the game to make sure they win.

  5. Sheriff Roger has no jurisdiction in training camp joint practices. Patience is a virtue in the quest for vengeance.

  6. Rob Gronkowski didn’t get any suspension
    when he pile drove his elbow into the back of Tre White’s neck when he was face down on the ground after making an interception. We could use some consistency with punishments in the NFL

  7. Not only should he have lost the appeal, but he should have had threw weeks added to it for wasting peoples’ time.

  8. Is there a suspension for the ref who totally blew the pass interference call on Lattimore that actually started the whole problem? Hasn’t the NFL learned its lessons from the NFC Championship game from a few years back?

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