New video of fan slapping Kyler Murray is inconclusive, at best

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray got slapped in the face while celebrating his team’s ability to dump an ice bucket of cold water on a win the Raiders thought they had in hand. Murray reportedly filed a police report.

It seems based on available video that it would be difficult to prove a deliberate and intentional assault. has a new angle. The article characterizes the fan as “winding up.” That’s a stretch. The “windup” looks more like an attempted high five gone haywire.

The article also acknowledges this possibility. Indeed, the video is inconclusive at best as to whether the person was trying to hit Murray. The fact that it was an open hand and not a closed fist could be enough to get prosecutors to ultimately choose to not proceed.

Unless, of course, they identify the guy and he admits that he intentionally smacked Murray in the face.

16 responses to “New video of fan slapping Kyler Murray is inconclusive, at best

  1. If you watch the other videos out the guy that slapped him later is patting him on his shoulder pads. It was clearly an accident. I’m pretty sure the guy is a fan.

  2. This is so soft and prissy from Murray. If you jump into a pile celebrating a win with your teammates you don’t press charges if one of them accidentally bonks your face in all the craziness. Murray chose to go to a part of the stands at ground level that only had a couple excited Cards fans in it and chose to get up close and personal with them. At least when a player complains about beer being dumped or a bottle thrown it’s an actual act against them and even then players don’t go to the police over it.

  3. That’s the slap? It would be more properly characterized as a poor high 5. Murray seriously filed a police report and Kingsbury wants this dude fired from his job? Has he seen the video?

  4. Seems like an overzealous Cardinals fan that was reaching over another person to high five or slap shoulder pads in celebration. Both angles show the guy smiling and excited. It’s not like he was trying to get away or angry after the “slap”. He even slaps the next player on the shoulder pads in a congratulatory fashion. Big nothing burger here… move on.

  5. Like I said, very soon there’ll be no alcohol allowed in sports venues. There already is at a lot of college stadiums, but make no mistake they’ll happen in the NFL. I was at Levi’s Sunday for Seattle game, saw three brawls, all involved extremely drunk.

  6. Trying to high five from 3 or 4 fans deep in the mass of fans. That is what that looks like. I can’t believe Murray’s so ticky tacky that he filed a police report.

  7. Murray came in with a very aggressive high five and the fan was equally aggressive in trying to slap his shoulder pad. This didn’t look any different from how the players celebrate with each other in a moment of extreme excitement.

  8. I’m among the first to question the notion of believing all “victims” – but if the kid said he got slapped, then I believe he was slapped.

  9. Considering the other players were arguing with that fan for several moments says he never apologized or expressed it was an accident, meaning it was intentional.

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