Todd Bowles sheds further light on Tom Brady’s Wednesday workload

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A Week Two Sunday Splash! report ended up being far less than a cannonball. In reality, it may have missed the pool altogether.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady supposedly would get every Wednesday off, all year long. Coach Todd Bowles previously said it’s normal for Brady an other veteran players to get veteran days off. On Wednesday, Brady didn’t get the day off at all.

Indeed, Brady’s name didn’t appear on the Wednesday injury report. That means he fully participated in practice, without restriction or limitation.

“He usually takes individual [repetitions] — some reps he takes and some he does not — he’s out there every day, that’s the biggest thing for us,” Bowles told reporters. “He can switch it up when we want to switch it up, but [if] there’s some things he’s got to get down then we put him in there and get them down.”

It’s also nothing new, even though some want to bootstrap the #SomeDaysOff reality to Brady’s 11-day training-camp hiatus and lingering questions as to whether he’s truly all in.

“He had some [Wednesdays] off last year,” Bowles said. “This is not a one-time thing. Again, it’s not just him — we’ve got about six or seven guys that we have days off for — or predicated days off. So, we call them veteran days for ourselves, but they get all their work in, they get their workouts in, they study tape, they watch practice. Some of them even do individual periods. Again, it’s not just him. He had days off last year as the same.”

So nothing has really changed. Most importantly, on the first Wednesday after it was reported on a Sunday that Brady would have every Wednesday off, he put in a full day of work.

13 responses to “Todd Bowles sheds further light on Tom Brady’s Wednesday workload

  1. Stop it. Please, just stop. Veteran players get days off all the time. Who cares? Seriously, why is this even a thing??

  2. With Evans out on Sunday, Brady probably wants to put in more work with the other receivers, including maybe Cole Beasley if they are considering elevating him from the practice squad for the Packers game.

  3. Every team has maintenance days. Sterling Shepard has them now. With Coughlin, Plaxico Burress and Ahmad Bradshaw had them and played in the games.

  4. Tom Brady could beat the Green Bay Packers if he had to rely on the cheerleaders to play WR. Just look at what Brady had to work with in New England many years.

  5. Two yard Tommy has a nice ring to it. One yard Tommy? Not so much. Let grandpa nap as often as he likes!

  6. I think the “he’s not all in” ship has sailed. Brady’s personal problems are the result of being a little too much all in.

  7. gameday is all that is news worthy.
    i dnt care if he goes to the moon for the other 6 and a half days

  8. None of this is really about Tom Brady after all. It’s about the media infatuated and completely obsessed with Tom Brady. At the end of the day the story is a non-story.

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