Could Mitch Trubisky be benched as soon as tonight?

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Steelers have won a game and lost a game in 2022, but they’ve won few admirers for their offensive performance. With another game tonight in Cleveland and a mini-bye before a Week Four visit from the Jets, change could be coming.

And while some are jostling for the dismissal of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, that won’t be happening — at least not in the short term. Teams don’t have backup offensive coordinators. They do, however, have backup quarterbacks.

The Steelers have not only a backup but a starter in waiting. A first-rounder who became popular as the starting quarterback for the local college team, and whose name has been chanted by the paying customers both in the preseason and regular season.

As one league source explained it to PFT, Kenny Pickett is ready to go.

The Steelers may be ready to move Trubisky to the bench. Although complaints have emerged about playcalling, receivers are saying they’re open. Which means the plays are working. The process for getting them the ball is not.

The thinking in some circles is that Trubisky is hesitating to pull the trigger on throwing the ball, and that he needs to start letting it rip or he could be getting the hook.

Coach Mike Tomlin remains behind Trubisky. Is the rest of the building? Is the locker room? Chances are the pendulum is swinging, if it hasn’t already swung. Tonight in Cleveland, it could be Trubisky’s last chance.

It would be risky to make a change tonight. Pickett didn’t get first-team reps in the short week. But it can’t be ruled out, if Trubisky struggles. And if tonight doesn’t go well for the offense, the extra three days to prepare for the Jets could be exactly what the Steelers need to fully prepare Pickett.

Something needs to happen soon, or things could get out of control for the Steelers. Tonight’s game is winnable, as is the next one. After that? At Bills, Bucs, at Dolphins, at Eagles. Those teams currently are a combined 8-0.

29 responses to “Could Mitch Trubisky be benched as soon as tonight?

  1. Not the time for Pickett. With the Steelers poor OL, he would struggle. It is the play-calling. Trubisky has not been allowed to audible which is inexcusable. And they do not ever throw over the middle. That is not a QB problem, that’s an OC problem.

  2. Sorry but Pickett needs to sit a bit longer. If the Steelers thought it was gonna be all butterflies and rainbows after moving on from Big Ben they are sorely mistaken. Either you let Trubisky take his time and see what you have or you put in Pickett and possibly ruin him. There’s more wrong with this team than just the QB.

  3. Are the Steelers allowed to just go home after this game and come back a month later? I do not see any wins for them in this next stretch.

  4. Steelers fans aren’t used to seeing their team lose. Start the young fella, see what ya got.

  5. People are always trying to rush these rookie QBs. it was a weak class this year and if he was ready, he would have already been the starter.

    Trubisky at least deserves a chance to get comfortable with his new team, after all he has them tied for first place.

  6. Tomlin is not going to get fired only a fool that doesn’t know the Steelers would question that. He is giving both Mitch and Kenny time.

  7. Rush Pickett in and he doesn’t do well and there will be a lot of regrets. Not a Steelers fan, but I would trust Tomlin if I was. Anyone who has played for him would run through a wall for him and that’s all I need to know.

  8. I’m a boomer and hate NFL streaming. Not because I am too stupid to do it. After all if a Millennial and Gen Z can do it how hard could it be? I hate it because of no DVR and reception that frequently equals the quality of the 1970’s and rabbit ears(Google it M & Z’s). Very few games are worth devoting 3+ hours to. Especially Thursday night. Tonight’s game is particularly bad. Had a better picture on my 1969 RCA tv. 50 years ago.

  9. I dont even like the Steelers but I trust Mike Tomlin on this.
    “After all if a Millennial and Gen Z can do it how hard could it be?”
    Got one for ya –
    “If I had a dollar for every time a BabyBoomer complained about my generation, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined”

  10. Steelers horrid run D lost this gm. They stink just like last yr. Pickett would be fed to the lions if he is in during TB, Buff, Miami, & Philly stretch of gms.

  11. touchback6 says:
    September 22, 2022 at 7:13 pm
    Could Mike Tomlin ever be fired?—————————————————-
    If Bill Belichick decides he wants to coach the steelers maybe. You don’t fire a hall of fame coach unless you have another one lined up.

  12. Four more games for Mitch and they lose them all. Maybe add a sweep to the playbook. OL cant open a hole for Harris. Mitch is similar to Cousins; both take too long to go thru progression to find an open target. This game they completely ignored Muth. I saw him open quite a few times but didnt get a target until desperation time…and he produced. Poor play calling, poor QB play. Try Picket after next 4 losses. Season will be over anyway.

  13. notwhoyouthinkitis says:
    September 22, 2022 at 7:05 pm
    Not the time for Pickett. With the Steelers poor OL, he would struggle. It is the play-calling. Trubisky has not been allowed to audible which is inexcusable. And they do not ever throw over the middle. That is not a QB problem, that’s an OC problem.
    I watched tonight’s game and Steelers-Pats and I completely agree with “notwhoyouthinkitis” and the other commentators here who feel the same way.
    During Tomlin’s post game he blamed the loss on not stopping Chubb. Personally I blame it on their offensive schemes and their OC, Matt Canada.
    Of course Tomlin would never throw Canada or any of his coaches under the bus, he seems to be loyal to a fault. And replacing Trubisky with Pickett is absolutely not the correct call imho.
    In the same way I feel (awful) for Dallas having Jerry Jones as their GM, I feel the same way for Trubisky, their offense and actually, the whole team in General.

  14. @whycantiloginanymore

    Let me quote from the Amazon Prime Video FAQ:

    “Can I pause live streaming on Amazon Prime?

    Most live events on Prime Video allow customers to pause, rewind/fast forward, start over, and jump to live playback. However, some events may be subject to licensing restrictions that require us to disable this feature during live playback.”

    In other words, blame the boomers at the NFL for the lack of DVR functionality.

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