Dak Prescott gets on practice field Thursday

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s journey back to the team’s lineup took another step forward on Thursday.

Reporters at the team’s practice session shared photos of Prescott on the field and doing some drills with other quarterbacks. Prescott did not take any snaps or handle a football, but he was seen gripping and throwing a training ball 10 days after having surgery on his right thumb.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said at his press conference earlier in the day that Prescott has not had the stitches removed from his thumb yet, but that is expected to happen in the near future.

Assuming that happens before practices start next week, all eyes will be on how much work Prescott is doing because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said this week that the quarterback could be back as early as their Week Four game against the Commanders.

13 responses to “Dak Prescott gets on practice field Thursday

  1. If you think Prescott will be able to grip and throw a ball better than Rush with a broken hand then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  2. “”he was seen gripping and throwing a training ball””. Is that like a Nerf ball or something?

  3. Fake news..guy steps on the field big deal. much ado about nothing, but that’s always how the Cowboys do it.

  4. higheriqthanyou…he has been out there
    ..every single day! Do your homework before you make a comment like that!! Prescott has been the consumate teammate and leader since he started.

  5. Dak is nowhere near ready to even try to grip a football. He just had the surgery last Monday. Jerry must be pushing him to get back, and it’s way too soon.

  6. Whether it’s week 4, or week 14, it won’t make any difference. The Cowboys are going to stink with Prescott or without him.

  7. He’s getting paid the big bucks. He completed only 48% of his passes in the loss to Tampa Bay. No way a healthy Dak pulls off the win against the Bengals. McCarthy needs to run the ball.

  8. Dak is feeling the heat of his backup outplaying him and is desperate to get back out there. Lucky for him, his ridiculous contract makes benching him when healthy impossible, regardless of how terrible he is.

  9. Dakota is rushing too fast. Cooper has a resume of two games with which to measure. The one thing I noticed as a Cowpie hater – Cooper ran that offense like he’s the returning starter. Dakota did not look like he even studied over the offseason. If Cooper wins another, Dakota is going to have to wrestle this team from Cooper. Even Dallas fans right now can see who commands the team and who can’t figure out what to do in the last 15 second of the game.

  10. Check out the Bryce Harper injury. They are the same. He ain’t coming back anytime soon. Harper was working out too, swinging a bat and throwing or catching a ball are two different things.

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