Gabe Davis says he’s “100 percent” playing vs. Dolphins

NFL: SEP 08 Bills at Rams
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Given that the Bills defeated the Titans 41-7 on Monday, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize Buffalo’s offense was missing one of its key weapons.

But receiver Gabe Davis suffered an ankle injury late in the practice week and did not play in the victory over Tennessee.

He’ll be back on the field for the Week Three matchup with Miami.

Via Matt Parrino of, when Davis was asked how optimistic he is about playing on Sunday, he responded, “100 percent.”

“I was just out here trying to catch a ball and kind of landed a little funny. So, the ankle kind of rolled on me a little bit,” Davis said on Thursday. “It’s been feeling good, real good. I was out there running today and it felt good. So, excited it’s progressing and getting better.”

The Bills listed Davis as a limited participant for Wednesday’s practice.

In the season-opening win over the Rams, Davis caught four passes for 88 yards with a touchdown.

10 responses to “Gabe Davis says he’s “100 percent” playing vs. Dolphins

  1. Dolphins fans need to calm down. Yes they are off to a great start and yes their offense looks good. However, they are going to realize Sunday that they are still a season or two away from being one of the NFL’s big boys.

  2. All of the sudden, Tua is god. He sucked before this season. Let’s give it a couple more games. Bills have the better D, QB, K. Not sure about the punter because they only used him once this season when it mattered. LOL BILLS BY 21

  3. The Fish are due to come to earth. They aren’t that good. And they haven’t played anyone yet. Even Washington could have beaten the teams the Fish did. Buffalo is as complete a team this season as I’ve seen. Their QB is a bull dog – tough as nails. I’m impressed!

    Tua is still Tua. Against real defenses he isn’t good. Good test to see if he got his training wheels removed.

  4. Miami will come back to reality this game. I hope I am wrong but Buffalo is an entirely different league right now. Miami not having Jones really hurts them.

  5. Dolphins by 10. Only because every team in the NFL drops an egg at some point. Bills have been on a roll for a long time. The last time that Bills offense dropped the ball was week 13 against the Pats. The Bill would win this game 9 out of 10 times, but this week will be that 1 out of 10.

  6. Bills will blow out the posers. They played a team in disarray, and a terrible Patriot team. Bills are at late season form. The Dolfins will not be able to stop them. Bills will be able to stop them. Allen will be on fire to beat them.

  7. JA17 may throw for 500 if Gabe plays. Fish have one solid NFL corner, and he’s got a bad hammy. Bills will score 50.

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