Jerry Jones: Of course I would want a dilemma about who should start at QB

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been pushing the idea of a quick return for quarterback Dak Prescott since he injured his right thumb in Week One against the Buccaneers and Prescott showed signs of making that happen during practice on Thursday, but that’s not keeping Jones from entertaining other thoughts about the situation.

The earliest possible return date for Prescott is Week Four’s game against the Commanders, which leaves Cooper Rush to start on Monday night against the Giants. Rush led the Cowboys to a win over the Bengals last Sunday and Jones mused about the possibility of him playing well enough to force a decision about who to start in the future.

“Wouldn’t it be something if you had a dilemma as to which way you go? You do that if he gets 10 wins. Same thing that happened with Prescott. I think like that,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Jones was asked if he would want the commotion that would bring and he said “of course” because it would mean the team is winning games.

Prescott became the Cowboys starter after Tony Romo’s back injury in 2016 and he did have months to show he was capable of leading the team to wins. Unless Prescott experiences a setback, Rush isn’t expected to have too many more shots as the starter and that probably makes any notion of a quarterback question more of a chance for Jones to wax on than a likely development in Dallas.

25 responses to “Jerry Jones: Of course I would want a dilemma about who should start at QB

  1. Yeah, that is exactly what every general manager wants. To have to pay their backup QB who won 10 games while your franchise QB who signed a massive contract 18 months ago sits on the bench. Or having to trade one of them while the other is prone to get hurt. Just another day in Jerry world.

  2. Would anyone have this conversation with whoever is backing up Brady, Burrow, Stafford, Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, Rodgers, etc? (BTW who is backing up those guys? I only know Jordan Love is backing up Rodgers out of that group). This is how you know Dak is a second-tier QB at best.

  3. poor rush, no matter how good he does he is not starting over dak. jerruh just cant have that he has his franchise face and paid him too much and they will go back to dak and be middle of the road for a few more years. i actually think rush looked good, calm, decisive, accurate, no big mistakes a better game manager then dak if you think about it

  4. Jerruh is no dope. He’s playing the media and he knows exactly what he is doing. Hasn’t done much in football terms since the salary cap era, but he continues to increase the value and brand name of the Boys. Cowboy fans and Cowboy haters might not like what his says, but he knows there is no such thing as bad publicity/hype.

  5. I will tell you this – Cooper Rush already runs the offense better than Dakota does by passing. Dakota better heal quickly because if Cooper keeps piling on wins when he starts, the only thing that will save Dakota is his life matters more than Cooper’s.

  6. The Boys need a new GM and head coach. Im pretty sure Jerruh wont fire himself gonna be a long time before they ever make the Super Bowl again>

  7. LOL Jerry Jones runs his organization like a reality TV show. All bout dem dollars for Jerruh. Winning is secondary.

  8. Oh Jerruh!!! Just bring in Troy Aikman and Tony Romo and let them compete for the starting job. But,only Roger Staubach gets to choose the winner.

  9. I think this is why we will start to see bigger, shorter contracts. Who would sign Prescott to his contract now? No one. Elliott’s contract has also aged very badly; he pretty much became irrelevant the moment he signed it.

    It seems like players have Watson-type contracts in their eyes now – huge guarantees and long term. I feel like it’s going to have to be one or the other.

  10. “Jerry Jones: Of course I would want a dilemma about who should start at QB” —Jerry Jones

    And so would we.
    —Entire NFL.

  11. It continually gets more obvious this guy has no clue what he’s doing. He’s just playing in his sandbox.

  12. Cooper Rush had one decent game against a bad defense and people are ready to put him in the hall of fame. Dak is not the problem. He was the best bargain in football not too long ago and the cowboys blew it then too so his contract isn’t the problem. It’s managerial incompetence that causes the cowboys to suck and I love it. I would love for the cowboys to start Cooper Rush and go back to the Quincy Carter days

  13. graysobr You know who Dak’s backup is because he’s been hurt those other QBs havent but Greenbay chose his backup is the 1st round. People just get on here to talk.

    If they have a QB controversy it’s good cause that means Rush played well in his replacement role. Why wouldn’t Jerry want that? Don’t overthink it.

  14. “ It continually gets more obvious this guy has no clue what he’s doing. He’s just playing in his sandbox”

    Umm, that was obvious 15 years ago…

  15. Old fool saying foolish things. And every other team in the league (even the bad ones) is laughing. Another season without a playoff win — but at least, maybe, for Jerry’s sake, it’ll end in a QB controversy. Hilarious.

  16. Something about Prescott that does not inspire confidence that he’ll come through in a bind. Never seen Rush play.
    Steve Young said that Prescott should study Rush. Not sure how that would help but Young is a HOFamer who knows a thing or two about being a QB.

  17. bobhk says:
    September 22, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    Something about Prescott that does not inspire confidence that he’ll come through in a bind.


    Maybe that something is that he hasn’t come through in a bind. Probably still has a losing record against winning teams. There are much cheaper ways to do that than what they’re paying him.

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