Lamar Jackson: We can’t let loss to Miami just drag us around

Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins
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The Ravens blew a 35-14 fourth-quarter lead to the Dolphins last week.

But with another AFC East opponent on tap this weekend in the Patriots, quarterback Lamar Jackson is doing his best to make sure what happened against Miami doesn’t bleed into Week Three.

“[It] was just like it was Jets Week. We got the win; it’s over with; we focus on the next opponent. Dolphins, we just lost; focus on the next opponent,” Jackson said in his Wednesday press conference. “We’ve got to move on, because, like I said earlier, we have a long season ahead of us, and we just can’t let that just drag us around, even though we wanted that win. But it is what it is right now.”

Jackson’s right in that it’s a long season. And even though they lost last week, the Ravens still have a share of first place in the AFC North along with the 1-1 Steelers and the 1-1 Browns.

If Baltimore can get back in the win column this week, it should be a boost for the team heading into a big Week Four matchup against the Bills.

8 responses to “Lamar Jackson: We can’t let loss to Miami just drag us around

  1. Oh that loss is going to follow you around for the rest of the year, in fact come playoff time that loss might be the one that prevents the Ravens from playing at home or worse even making the playoffs.

  2. One of the keys to every sport is consistency. Its something you strive for, but very hard to achieve – mentally and physically. The Ravens have a ways to go and are still waiting on five starters who have yet to return from last year’s injury list (Dobbins,Edwards,Boyle, Stanley,Bowser). They should be happy to be healthy and in position to get consistent and make a run by the week 10 Bye.

  3. On offense they need better play calling on 3rd and long situations. If they can’t convert and are going to go for it on 4th, again – better play calling. If we haven’t established a run game, don’t run it. Get more creative.
    On defense, we need to be healthier in the secondary. When Marlon left the game, we were exposed and Miami took advantage of that.

  4. As a Ravens fan I am filing a missing persons report on Odafe Oweh. He was last seen during the week at various Ravens practices, but for some mysterious reason seems to disappear on Sundays. Anyone with any information leading to the whereabouts of Mr. Oweh on Sundays please contact John Harbaugh immediately.

    Thank you

  5. This game will be the first real test of the season for the Patriots new and hopefully improved defense especially at LB.

    After the debacle in Buffalo and all of last December let’s see how they do against Lamar then we’ll have a better idea if they’re better than they were then or not.

  6. Interesting how 1 quarter can change a narrative. At 3pm Sunday the Ravens were heading to the superbowl and Miami had a lot of work to do. 1 quarter later , Ravens are in big trouble because they can’t stop anyone and Miami is the new juggernaut of the league. What a difference a quarter makes.

  7. Ravens, I’m sorry, but you are doomed. I’ve been told from very knowledgeable Pat fans that Mac Jones is the greatest player to ever put on a uniform. He will score at least 9,000 points.

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