Matt LaFleur has “no idea” if David Bakhtiari will play, credits Yosh Nijman for filling in

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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When the Packers made David Bakhtiari the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history during the 2020 season, they never imagined that he would suffer a knee injury a month later that would still be keeping him off the field in 2022. That’s where the Packers are now, but the good news is they’ve found an adequate replacement for Bakhtiari.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur says he doesn’t know when Bakhtiari will be healthy enough to play.

“I have no idea,” LaFleur said when asked if Bakhtiari will play Sunday against the Buccaneers.

But LaFleur praised Yosh Nijman, who has been filling in for Bakhtiari as the starting left tackle and playing well enough that the Packers’ offense has been unchanged.

“We’re not gonna game plan any different,” he said. “I think Yosh has done a damn good job in his time starting for us, so there’s not a lot I would say when it comes to that position, with the way Yosh has played, where it’s different.”

Nijman arrived in Green Bay as an undrafted rookie in 2019 and has been on minimum-salary contracts since. He isn’t paid like Bakhtiari, but LaFleur says he’s doing a good enough job of playing like Bakhtiari.

10 responses to “Matt LaFleur has “no idea” if David Bakhtiari will play, credits Yosh Nijman for filling in

  1. He looked good vs the Bears, not something to feel too great about. The OL wasn’t allowing the offense to operate the week before. Games vs the Bears skew the analytics.

  2. Just can’t be a good sign this guy isn’t on the field yet. Yosh is going to be tested this weekend for sure. Hope he holds up.

  3. Being injured with a big contract is fine, unless youre on one of the poorest teams in the league… good luck to Dave on keeping his job with their GM always counting pennies. If A-Rod gives him a vote of confidence he’s as good as gone. Eitherway theyll be in rebuilding mode after Buffalo gets done with them

  4. 6’9″,.. 370#,.. 36″ arms,.. Caleb Jones has looked like he could be a good Tackle also. He needs some coaching and practice. His feet are a little slow,… but in preseason not many got past him at Left Tackle. He’s a mountain of a man.

  5. He knows – if anybody knows the coach knows. He is not saying – but my betting is that Bak is done for good. Both Tonyon and Jenkins back with similiar injuries and working after training camp onto the lineup. And now into Game 3 of the season Bak still cant make it onto the field – I am sorry to see it because most players come back but something bad happened in his knee operations.

  6. gophersnot says:
    Chewing up the salary cap on an injured player? Better football for better people. 😀
    Barr, Gladney, Rudolph, Pierce, Richardson,…. must I go on and on ??

  7. Will David *ever* play football again? It’s almost like his role on the team is now officially “talented injured guy.”

  8. Every week that goes by it appears less likely that Bakhtiari will ever play again. I’m sure that Ball is figuring out when it will be the most economical to drop him. I hope Runyan is good to go. If Jenkins stays healthy and knocks off the rust and the rookies keep developing, the line should be good. Big test on Sunday for sure.

  9. Can we just stop with this?

    Anything we get would be a bonus.

    They can’t possibly view him as a key contributor??!!

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