Mike McDaniel: We’ve all witnessed Josh Allen become one of the NFL’s best players

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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The 2-0 Dolphins will host the 2-0 Bills this weekend for what’s become a marquee early-season matchup.

Quarterback Josh Allen has been performing as well as ever, completing 75.4 percent of his passes for 614 yards with a league-leading seven touchdowns and two interceptions. He’s also rushed for 66 yards and a TD.

Miami head coach Mike McDaniel said this week that he’s seen consistent improvement from Allen dating back to evaluating him in college.

“I saw his growth in Wyoming. That’s what was really cool was it was an example of young in his career, the guy is a giant with a giant arm,” McDaniel said in his Wednesday press conference. “But he had kind of like a stigma about accuracy or something that, I think each year in his college career, he drastically improved. You can tell — which was a big deal to me with him coming out because you learn a lot, not by hearing, but by seeing. And what you could see was a guy diligently working at his craft, who’s however old he is [26].

“So fast forward to the league and I think we’ve all been witnesses to he’s steadily become one of the best players in the National Football League. [You could] easily argue he’s the best one. And it’s not because he’s God’s gift. It’s because he’s unbelievably talented. But it’s because you can tell more than that, it’s because he works at his craft. He’s developing every time he’s on the field. He’s a really, really good player that you’ll never, I don’t think, see him stopped necessarily. It’s about minimizing and containing all together.”

Miami’s defense performed well against New England in Week One, allowing just seven points. But the club allowed several explosive plays and 38 points against Baltimore last week — despite coming away with the win.

Allen and company will be tough to stop. But given how the Dolphins came back against the Ravens, anything is possible on Sunday afternoon.

5 responses to “Mike McDaniel: We’ve all witnessed Josh Allen become one of the NFL’s best players

  1. Watch becoming apparent this year with Josh Allen, is the metal part of the game. He was the highest scoring Wunderlich quarterback in 18’, and now that intelligence and quick thinking it’s becoming extremely apparent.

  2. What I find amazing is that the Dolphins fans have become so obnoxious in one offseason that they have Patriots fans rooting for the Bills. THE BILLS of all teams. Even the Bills fans, though confident as they should be, arent as ridiculous as the Fish fans.

  3. Dolphin fan …. Josh Allen is the best player in the NFL IMO. You can’t stop him, you can only hope to somewhat contain him.

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