Ryan Tannehill: If we play clean football and sustain drives, we’ll be in good shape

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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Though the Titans were the AFC’s No. 1 seed last season, they have not gotten off to a good start in 2022.

Tennessee had a chance to defeat the Giants in Week One but kicker Randy Bullock missed a last-second field goal wide left. Then the Bills thrashed the Titans on Monday night in a game that was never competitive.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has completed just 58.5 percent of his passes for 383 yards with a pair of touchdowns and a pair of interceptions. He said on Wednesday that the Titans need to stop shooting themselves in the foot on offense.

“And at the end of the day, it just comes down to the playing clean football, not hurting ourselves with dumb mistakes or penalties, and being able to sustain drives,” Tannehill said, via Drake Hills of the Tennessean. “If we do that, we’ll be in good shape.

“[W]e hurt ourselves, putting ourselves in longer-down distance situations this past week. There were some penalties, negative plays. They really backed us up, kind of killed some drives with that. So being able to stay in third-and-manageable situations and then when we do get those opportunities, we gotta convert.”

The Titans have won the last two AFC South division titles with Tannehill as their starting quarterback. But at this point, they’re at the bottom of the division behind 1-1 Jacksonville, 0-1-1 Houston, and 0-1-1 Indianapolis.

10 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: If we play clean football and sustain drives, we’ll be in good shape

  1. This week they don’t have to show up until the 2nd half when the Raiders playcalling goes ultra conservative and let’s the Raider D stay on the field for 52 plays.

  2. Easily the worst division in the NFL.

    – Jags are a 6 win team.

    – HOU, 3 – 4 wins.

    – Colts. 7 wins maybe. Depends on if they actually let JT run.

    – Titans can win 8+ games, but it’s not looking good.

    Should any team in this division even be allowed a shot at the Championship? Terrible.

  3. Ryan, that’s almost exactly like saying “if we play good football, we’ll be playing good football.”

  4. One of the sad things about stats is so much gets counted aainst the QB. If the ball bounces off the fingers of a receiver and gets picked off, it goes against the QB. The QB is paid big bucks to make good throws, and the receiver is being paid big bucks to CATCH the ball. Too bad there isn’t a ‘butterfingers’ stat for receivers for muffed catches. The pick six in the Bills game was definitely on RT, but not the other Int. That was the butterfingers WR. They could have kept up with the Bills if not for the muffed catches and muffed punt returns, and all the dumb penalties. And how did Diggs end up in tha backfield all by himself so many times??? Defense needs a wake up call. And someone needs to show the Titans OL how to make an opening for Henry. They will get it corrected. RT was simply stating the obvious

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