Sean Payton: If the right job comes along, I’m interested in returning to coaching

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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Sean Payton only left his job as head coach of the Saints eight months ago, but he already is missing his time on the sideline.

Payton told NewOrleans.Football that he would return if offered a good job.

“If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested. And there’s no utopia, if you will, when it comes to teams, but if I felt like it was the right situation, I would have an interest in that. That all being said, that could come in a year, that could come in two years,” Payton said.

So what would constitute “the right situation”? Payton said it’s all about having the kind of ownership and front office he thinks he can work well with and will help him build a winning culture. Payton said there are some NFL teams that simply aren’t “functional,” and those teams, Payton said, he’d never coach for.

“There’s a handful of teams that aren’t, and those teams, regardless of what takes place, they can win on Sunday but they have trouble winning long term,” Payton said.

Payton acknowledged that when watching Sunday’s Saints-Buccaneers game, he was wishing he could have been there.

“This past weekend’s game vs. Tampa was the first time I had a version of FOMO. I was jealous of everyone that was there, including random Bruce Arians on the sideline,” Payton said.

Payton is in the TV studio, not on the sideline. But he may be back on a sideline soon.

77 responses to “Sean Payton: If the right job comes along, I’m interested in returning to coaching

  1. For a Coach like him, it has to be an elite team. Not all elite teams have elite coaches, so don’t burn me in the comment section. Tampa Bay, Dallas, San Francisco, Indianapolis. Yeah I think he’s just talking to DALLAS, to be honest!

  2. Everyone already knows this Sean, which means he doesnt want to turn down Carolina while waiting for Jerruh to give him a call. Lol or stephen ross

  3. Money talks I guess but I don’t see Payton taking the Dallas job that easily. If he does, it’s going to have to be major $$$$. Let’s be honest, his style will not gel well with Owner, CEO, President, General Manager, Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterback Coach, Team Doctor, Press Secretary and Radio Personality Jerry Jones.

  4. He’ll coach Mac Jones and the Patriots after Belichick gets fired or chooses to retire at the end of the season.

  5. Payton hasn’t been out long enough to realize what he really wants for his football future. And he has a new young wife who might sway his decision.
    His FOX Sports contract is pretty juicy. And New Orleans still own his rights. Another team would have to trade for his rights.

  6. Sorry Jerruh, you didn’t make the cut. The last competent coach you had you ran out of town and claimed everything he did as your own work, but have never been able to replicate it.

    Not a Sean Peyton fan, but he is not going to be Jerruh’s lapdog like all the other coaches he’s hired. You just know Coach Peyton would love Jerruh commenting on injured players and when they will return.

  7. Dallas is looking like a worse destination by the day, thanks to the fading fortunes of the two overpaid flagship players (Elliott & Prescott).

    Don’t know whether he feels like going to CA, but he looks like what San Francisco could use. He doesn’t seem to make the sorts of gaffes that Shanahan does and won a Super Bowl with a QB previosuly considered injury-damaged goods.

  8. jameshodges says:
    September 22, 2022 at 12:44 pm
    He’ll coach Mac Jones and the Patriots after Belichick gets fired or chooses to retire at the end of the season.

    Belichick gets fired? You win the delusional fan of the year award. Robert Kraft has already said multiple times that Bill will be the head coach of the New England Patriots until he’s ready to leave…End of Story

  9. He got out of New Orleans because he failed to identify a long-term quarterback and knew the longer he stayed, the more his fraudulent reputation would take a hit. Having wasted third-round picks on Garrett Grayson and Ian Book, having thought Taysom Hill could play quarterback full time and having thought he could fix Jameis Winston, it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that Payton isn’t the coach people think he is. Drew Brees made Sean Payton.

  10. When Super Bowl-winning coaches like Payton NFL return after time off their success rate is not ideal and not one won another Super Bowl including Parcells though he got back to the big game with NE.. Jimmy Johnson didn’t do much in Miami, Gibbs didn’t get much done in his return to Washington, Gruden sucked at both drafting and coaching the Raiders, Mike Shanahan didn’t win any playoff games with Washington etc. I doubt Payton will be prolific in his new gig wherever it is

  11. He and Jerruh are all saying the right things for the time being. He’s going to Dallas after this season. Unless, McCarthy is able to pull a rabbit out of his hat and turn this season into a playoff appearance and at least one win, he’ll be gone. After he’s hired Peyton will talk about all the things that came together at the last minute that made him coming to Dallas possible. How he never thought he’d end up in Dallas.

  12. Translation–pay me the money. Probably near $20 to $25 plus million a year from Jerry to coach the Cowboys.

    Others…Carolina and Denver have QB issues (one has no QB’s the other has an aging diva that will only play his way, neither team is that great), A few more screwed up calls in San Diego he might like that San Diego QB and the rest of the team is strong, Jets never…don’t see to many other hot-seat job openings…Maybe a long shot Andy, Pete or Bill decide to retire…all three have great owners, Seattle should be near the 1st pick in 2023.

  13. I can see it this next off-season:

    repoter: Coach Payton, if your next team needs a qb and the Saints move on from Winston, would you sign Winston to your new team?

    Payton: Bad decisions is what makes bad coaches… Good coaches learn from their past mistakes!

  14. Working for Jerry Jones is not someone I would return to the profession for. Making easy money on a TV gig sounds much better than working for a controlling, micromanaging boss who thinks he knows everything.

  15. Not that you didn’t know this already but, um, don’t return the Browns calls, no matter how many zeros they add on the check. It’s a devil’s bargain.

  16. Payton will turn Mac Jones into Drew Brees! Bill was great but it’s time to move on. Let’s go Patriots!

  17. I have it confirmed he’s going to Man United. He saw what his buddy Ted Lasso did and how he made more money than any NFL coach. Premier Manager–NFL Coach, easy call.

  18. Sean, Jerry Jones is on lines 1 through 10, several helicopters are dropping bags of money on your driveway and the Cowboy cheerleaders are cleaning your house….

  19. Everybody has Peyton ending up in Dallas, but I wonder if he and Jerruh could co-exist. Everybody knows that Jones insists on being Chief Cook and bottle washer, and a coach with Peyton’s resume would probably insist on final say as to who makes the team and on game planning and in-game decision making. He certainly could get that with some other franchise.

    And by the way, has there EVER been any team, in ANY sport, that has been the subject of more hype, with less actual achievement to show for it, than the Dallas Cowboys?

  20. Who cares.
    He’s Mike McCarthy with better publicity. Seriously, look at their career winning percentages with the Saints and Packers, they’re remarkably similar, with Payton having more losing seasons than McCarthy.
    Otherwise he’s the same kind of coach, one who wasted over a decade with a hall of fame quarterback, but only one Super Bowl appearance/win to show for it.

  21. Well he did give Washington a shout out.
    “There’s a handful of teams that aren’t, and those teams, regardless of what takes place, they can’t win on Sunday and they have trouble winning long term,” said Payton.
    Sell the team Snyder

  22. What the Payton trolls don’t realize is that his winning percentage without Brees as his starting QB (23-14 -62 percent) was virtually identical to his winning percentage with Brees (63 percent). Furthermore, he built a winning culture from the ground up, with a franchise that had won ZERO playoff games in the 39 years before he arrived. He was given control over virtually every aspect of football operations in New Orleans, had a blank check from Gayle Benson, and worked well with Mickey Loomis. He’s earned the right to do whatever he wants

  23. I think it would awesome if he went to Houston and rebuilt that team. Win a Superbowl or two. All the while Jerruh sits there as Owner/GM/ Team Dr./ etc/etc/etc and never sniffs another trophy. Having a winning team in Texas not named the Cowboys would make Jerruhs head explode.

  24. nottheonethatblinks says:
    September 22, 2022 at 12:55 pm
    I would rather the Cowboys promote Dan Quinn to head coach instead of hiring this overrated guy, who would have been nothing if he didn’t have Drew Brees as his QB, and even then only won one Super Bowl? Payton is talking like he is the second coming of Lombardi or something.
    And Dan Quinn would have done what without Matt Ryan? How many SBs has Quinn won as a HC? Oh yeah, he was the HC of a team up 28-3 in the SB and lost! He was also the HC fired after two straight losing seasons and then started the third season 0-5.

  25. Whatever team picks in the TOP 3 picks in the draft will get him unless the San Diego Chargers job opens up.

  26. Steelers could use a coach that actually knows what an NFL offense looks like but that will never happen. Rooney will never fire MT!

  27. It’s about time Cincinnati Bengals’ owner Mike Brown shows head coach Zac Taylor the door. Sean Payton would be a great offense minded match for Joe Burrow. Give the Bengals offense a much needed boost and more firepower.

  28. eaglesfan22 says:
    September 22, 2022 at 1:30 pm

    If the Chargers job becomes available, he’d be a fool to turn that down for Dallas.


    Good call, they have a gold QB and need a coach with the right killer instincts.

    The downside to that gig would be the less reliable owner. In Dallas, he’d likely get as much time as he wants. Pretty much every coach since Johnson has been kept around much longer than they should have been.

  29. I’d be surprised if he goes to Dallas, unless it’s for the money.
    My bet would be the Broncos, although Wilson is not a top QB any longer and the coach is taking the heat

  30. The Patriots won’t even finish second in their division this season. By all means, keep Belichick. Meanwhile, Jones gets ruined when he could have an offensive minded coach like Payton.

  31. I get the Payton was a cowboy staffer stuff, but I remit another way. As a pats fan, look at the Tuna. He left because he didn’t want Mr Kraft involved in football operations ie “let you shop for the groceries.”

    Parcels lasted 4 years in Dallas. Payton knows what Jerry is like. I honestly think the Chargers are the team to watch out for. Staley is too involved in analytics and just Overthinks stuff, which directly resulted in a loss to the chiefs last year, and a loss to the raiders thag blew the playoffs.

    No coach is perfect. We have Grady little thag comes to mind, but I think Payton will go to the chargers if they fire staley. Great offense, defense looks decent, small market with no issues like Dallas.

  32. Belichick has three years minimum, more like 5, to ensure he breaks the records set by The Hungarian Hypocrite. So, the Patriots are out. Kraft knows the value of BB setting this record in NE rather than some other franchise, and any talk of BB being fired is ludicrous nonsense.

  33. I’m a Washington fan and hate Dallas, but even I see that McCarthy is in way over his head, lacks charisma and any actually leadership skills or personality. He looks and talks like a pig farmer who someone asked to step in until the real coach came back! I’d rather see him stay than Peyton, the real coach, go back to Dallas!

  34. Is that an original thought from a guy that never had one before.
    Wait NOPE, still got that streak going

  35. Stick to television unless a job with a top quarterback on the roster opens up. Chargers or Chiefs. Nothing else makes sense.

  36. Back in New Orleans if they miss the playoffs. But only if he gets the QB of his choice somehow.

  37. Washington, Tennessee, and Dallas will be needing new coaches next year. Indy might be on that list.

  38. kevpft says:
    September 22, 2022 at 12:47 pm
    Dallas is looking like a worse destination by the day, thanks to the fading fortunes of the two overpaid flagship players (Elliott & Prescott).

    I disagree. The Cowboys will be out from under Zeke’s contract after this year. McCarthy will be gone as well. I think Dak can work out if they get him protection. The current O-line is a problem but that can be fixed.
    Jerry and Peyton could work together just fine. It worked with Parcells, it can work with Peyton.

  39. Would welcome Payton as an Eagles fan. This division needs some juice other than the Eagles. I want to see the old Eagles/Cowboys rivalry when you have two good teams fighting it out.

  40. jameshodges says:
    September 22, 2022 at 4:28 pm
    Belichick is not breaking any all-time wins record with a garbage offense. Wake up.


    We shall see. That offense won him 10 games last season with a playoff appearance, with a rookie at the wheel. He’s just 25 games away from the all time wins record thanks to his massive playoff win total, and 37 away from the regular season win record, which I think is only a category so good regular season coaches don’t get forgotten simply because they lacked playoff success. Each coach gets the same number of regular season games each season. Not so for playoff games, so I can see why there is value in tracking both. What you are saying is that you don’t think Belichick can go .500 for 5 years and wrap up both records? His health would have to decline fast for that to not happen. I doubt the team will ever be bad enough to be worse than that. If they surprise, and get double digit wins they could do this in three seasons. Thus the 3-5 year time frame I mentioned. I think you underestimate the Patriots offense. They were #6 in points scored last year and it’s largely the same group. It’s not like they are running the Steeler’s offense or something. Sheesh.

  41. He was always going to be the Cowboys coach since he left New Orleans. Anyone else he talks to is just to sell that it wasn’t planned.

  42. Wow, so much to say, but… Sean was talking to Nola’s media, just like old friends. He was saying the same thing as always. He needed a break, plain & simple. No mystery here. For someone who loves the game like he does, a year is more than likely enough of a break. Same thing he’s said from the start. So this isn’t news is all I’m saying.
    P.S. To all of you saying his success is because of Drew, of course they’re linked. But to think he’s not brilliant on his own? Please, think again! 🖤🤎⚜️⚜️

  43. He isn’t that great a coach. A great coach takes a mediocre team and makes them great. After Bree’s left so did he Bree’s made the team win not him or he still be there if he was a great coach. You coach the guys you have not the ones you don’t have.
    Since he had Winston why didn’t he just coach him to be great instead of leaving if he thought he’s a great coach?

  44. I like Payton, but Jameis Winston was a questionable decision. Winston is 33-44 as a starter, and there was very little demand for his services after his contract ran out in Tampa Bay. We are struggling up here in Seattle right now and I don’t think Pete is going to be around for that much longer. Payton and John Schneider might be a good combination.

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