Shane Steichen: I’m not surprised at all by what Jalen Hurts is doing

NFL: SEP 19 Vikings at Eagles
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Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has gotten off to a hot start in 2022, highlighted by his strong performance against the Vikings on Monday.

Hurts finished the 24-7 victory 26-of-31 passing for 333 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also rushed for 57 yards with a pair of TDs.

On Thursday, Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen said he’s not surprised at all by what Hurts has been doing.

“He’s continuing to grow every single day, every game,” Steichen said in his press conference. “We saw it in the spring. It carried over into training camp. And we’re in Week [Three] — he knows that — and he played well. And we’ve got to continue to play well individually, collectively, everybody — coaches included. We’ve got a lot of football ahead of us.”

But Steichen and Hurts have now spent over a season together and that shared experience helps the on-field performance.

“The communication — anytime you’re around somebody for a long time, you get to know them. You get to know what he likes, you get to know what he’s good at,” Steichen said. “And that process started whatever it was last year. And now we’re getting into this season, the offseason — all those communications, conversations in the QB room, on the field, in between series, I mean, it just continues to grow and grow. And then you see great growth from him.”

Right now the Eagles look like one of the best teams in the NFC — if not the best. If Hurts continues to make progress, Philadelphia could be in for a strong playoff run this season.

4 responses to “Shane Steichen: I’m not surprised at all by what Jalen Hurts is doing

  1. When you run 17 times in any game, you can no longer call yourself a QB. And when a defense finds the way to keep him from running, Hurts’ passing game will degrade. Right now Hurts gets a free pass due to his gimmick. All gimmick QB’s eventually have been solved and grounded. The question is which defense this year will find the way to keep that clown from running and then his lack of professional QB play (reading defenses and going through progressions while having to make quick decisions) will be exposed. Hurts is not very bright and is not fast in making progression reads – right now he is doing what the Great Gimmick in Washington did – using his feet to get receivers open from defenders moving. Hurts is not throwing to spaces on the field where receivers should be. That shows he doesn’t know the playbook as well as we are told. He doesn’t anticipate well.

  2. I was impressed with his passing he was throwing guys opened fitting it in the tight windows, Hitting wr’s in stride and it was impressive and he looks so much more improved and he improves every time he steps on that field

  3. All the talk about he can’t read the defense is just jibberish considering the announcers were on there talking about him reading the defense on plays during the game lol

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