Tom Brady on apparent finger injury: “I feel great”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Unofficially, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady seems to have a finger injury. Officially, he does not.

“Great,” Brady told reporters when asked about his finger. “I feel great. It’s football season, so . . . yeah.”

Brady also has not appeared on the injury report this week, at all.

But Brady seems to be bothered by it. As explained by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady spent time shaking the ring finger on his throwing hand. Over and over and over again. Per Stroud, at some point something was sprayed on Brady’s right hand.

On his Let’s Go! podcast, Brady told Jim Gray that the finger was “banged up” against the Saints.

Should Brady be on the injury report? Probably. But, remember, the Buccaneers hid Brady’s torn MCL for all of the 2020 season. Don’t expect them to be transparent and open and honest — especially when it comes to #TabletTantrumTommy.

14 responses to “Tom Brady on apparent finger injury: “I feel great”

  1. If he didn’t miss practice or was limited in practice because of it then no he doesn’t need to be on the injury report

  2. Winning games and remaining undefeated can alleviate a lot of problems a team like the Buccaneers have. Same goes for someone like Tom Brady. The problem is this is not the Tom Brady in his Patriot days. Heck, it is not even the 2021 Tom Brady. This is a Tom Brady in personal crisis. Having to readjust to a style of quarterback playing reminiscent of his first several seasons (the pre-Gronkowski era), going through a divorce/separation, facing teams that come to compete, a depletion of his star receivers, age related injuries, an out to lunch ownership (the Glazers care little about their sports interests outside of Manchester United), a decline in statistic leadership.

    The best outcome for Tampa Bay and for Brady would be to go undefeated. One loss, and the wheels begin to fall off. Which will probably happen on Sunday in a game against the Packers. I still do not think Brady finishes the season. Honestly, wins aside, this is a rapid decline that I was not expecting. Will it be worth it all for Tom Brady? Personally, I think he should get back to being a dad. A football player is temporary. A father is forever.


  3. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    September 22, 2022 at 8:58 pm
    Father time is undefeated


    I guess he took your Jets back in Nameth’s day

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