Bucs add Tom Brady’s finger injury to Friday’s report, but he has no game status

NFL: SEP 18 Buccaneers at Saints
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady injured his right ring finger during a fumbled snap exchange with center Robert Hainsey on Sunday. The Bucs did not list Brady on their practice report until Friday.

He had a full practice again Friday despite the finger injury, and the Bucs gave him no status for Sunday.

Reports during Thursday’s practice indicated Brady’s finger seemed to bother him. But Brady has made light of the injury, and coach Todd Bowles said Friday that Brady’s finger is not an issue.

He’s ready to go,” Bowles said, via Jenna Laine of ESPN. “He’s full-practice. He took every throw.”

The Bucs ruled out receiver Chris Godwin (hamstring) and defensive end Akiem Hicks (foot).

Left tackle Donovan Smith (elbow) missed his second practice of the week after getting in limited work Thursday, and he is doubtful.

Tight end Cade Otton (personal) did not practice again and also is doubtful.

Running back Leonard Fournette (hamstring), receiver Russell Gage (hamstring), receiver Julio Jones (knee), receiver Breshad Perriman (knee) are questionable. Gage did not practice after being limited the past two days, while Jones returned to a limited practice after not practicing Wednesday or Thursday. Fournette and Perriman were limited all week.

The Bucs also won’t have receiver Mike Evans this week as he’s serving a one-game suspension for shoving Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore to the ground Sunday.

Bowles said Cole Beasley, who signed with the team’s practice squad this week, could go on Sunday if the Bucs need him.

13 responses to “Bucs add Tom Brady’s finger injury to Friday’s report, but he has no game status

  1. They are just trying to stay out of trouble. He’s fine and going to play, but if they don’t mention it the league could always pull a nutty and hit them for it. There is precedent for the NFL to go after Brady’s team for not listing an injury they all thought was too negligible to care about.

  2. “Tom Brady is questionable with a shoulder injury” – Every single game he played for the Pats.

  3. Overheard phone conversation:

    TOM: Honey, I banged my finger pretty badly in last week’s game
    GISELLE: Oh, no! The whole finger?
    TOM: No. it’s the finger next to it.

  4. gor3hound says:
    September 23, 2022 at 6:01 pm
    So basically we don’t have Wrs, The Packers will win by default ☹️.


    In case you haven’t noticed, the Packers WR room has gone dry as well. This game may come down to team rushing and defense. The Packers stats are better rushing the ball but schedule may be a factor, and there have only been 2 games. The Bucs defense appears to be playing better but not by a whole lot. This game is highly likely to be a nail biter with a low action quotient. Low scoring, boring, and likely won by a war of attrition, or one or two big/broken plays or Special Teams plays. Neither team’s Special Teams stand out. Green Bay has solid line play on both sides, so in a game like this, I’d have to go with Green Bay. It’s tough because the game is in Tampa and TB12 will be in a Bucs uniform. 90 degrees, and 870% humidity with a chance of thundershowers. It’s humid in Green bay as well, but they are barely cracking 60 degrees on the thermostat these days. That heat is going to be a shock to the system. It’s a tough one. Still Aaron’s mobility may be the key here, as it is more likely to result in a broken play that turns the game, since Tom is shall we say, somewhat statuesque. Signs point to GB but I know all too well that it’s not good business to bet against Tom. But then again, there is that little issue of the finger…. Tough call.

  5. I believe Sammy Watkins is out, and Reggie Cobb and Justin Watson both Questionable. Add Marcedes Lewis and tackle David Bakhtiari to the Questionable list as well….. Go Bucs

  6. The game will come down to who wants to win more. At this point, the onus is on the Packers who are 1-1. Indeed, Aaron Rodgers seems to want to prove himself and Green Bay with doing as much as possible to get a full winning season and current record. The Buccaneers are 2-0 yet have scored relatively low points and had a public relations dissonance last week in which they won against the Saints. Tom Brady is now I would say playing on autopilot, going through the motions of personal issues and trying to be both a football player and a social media influencer. You really cannot do both. I think the only reason Tampa Bay are still competitive is because they have not yet lost a game this season. However, that will in all likelihood change this season, starting with the game on Sunday.

    More important is that Rodgers is still vital to the Packers’ gameplan. Brady, at this point, could be substituted by Kyle Trask or Blaine Gabbert and there would be no difference. Also, Aaron Rodgers wants another ring. Tom Brady has 7 rings, and the drive for 8 will mean little given his decision making this year which has already been costing him his family. No amount of Skip Bayless and likeminded PR will change that. My prediction: the Packers win tomorrow in a more defensive gameplan. Tom Brady hopefully doesn’t fall off the deep end in mind afterwards yet does understand that his time on the field is finished. It is for the best for him and many others.


  7. Obviously, he injured it while giving the finger to Marshon Lattimore. Don’t know how Golden Boy escaped the NFL punishment the others received.

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