DirecTV changes Dak Prescott’s jersey color from blue to purple, at NFL’s request

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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You’ve likely seen, one or twice or more often, the DirecTV commercial featuring Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and members of the various Real Housewives shows. The commercial includes no team names or logos, which means that DirecTV cut a check for Prescott but not for his employer, the Dallas Cowboys.

Recently, you may have noticed a subtle change to the commercial. While watching last night’s games on both ESPN and Amazon (the commercial ran during both West Virginia-Virginia Tech and Steelers-Browns), my son pointed out that Dak’s jersey is now purple. It previously was blue.

“Your son has a good eye,” a league spokesman told PFT. “We asked DirecTV to change it and they did, which we appreciated.”

The blue jersey in the original commercial looked too much like the Cowboys’ blue “home” jersey, which the Cowboys rarely wear at home. However, the courtesy in color change stopped with the shirts. Other blues in the uniform worn by Dak’s generic team remain, such as the socks.

DirecTV is in the last year of its Sunday Ticket package with the NFL. DirecTV reportedly pays $1.5 billion per year for the rights to do so. That obviously wasn’t enough to get the NFL to give DirecTV a pass when it comes to the potential similarity of Dak’s fictional uniform to his real one.

7 responses to “DirecTV changes Dak Prescott’s jersey color from blue to purple, at NFL’s request

  1. Gotta love the world today. It’s hard to find anyone to do just about anything that actually needs to be done. But stuff like this… the highly trained marketing and legal professionals are ready at a moment’s notice to make sure Dak isn’t wearing blue.

  2. I love how America’s Team is all about grubbing for the money. Hmmmm … that does sort of make them America’s Team now that I think of it.

  3. Unfortunately for the narrative, its not the Cowboys per se but the NFL’s policy in general. The same reason it’s hard to find portions of games with re compensation of some sort. Its not called the “No Fun League” for no reason, and will continue to be a multi-billion dollar business as long as the hoi-polloi continue to support it and its subsidiary industries. C’est le vie……..

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