Jerry Jones: Amari Cooper is a real good player, the issue was how much we were paying him

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The trade that sent Amari Cooper from Dallas to Cleveland this offseason is working out for the Browns. But the man who made the trade, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, says it will work out in the long term for the Cowboys as well.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that by trading Cooper for a fifth-round draft pick, the Cowboys ended up with significant salary cap savings that will improve the team in the future.

“The issue with Amari Cooper was how much we were paying him and what we could do with that money, completely. Amari Cooper is a real good player. Top player,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News

Jones said the Cowboys needed to cap space to prioritize the offensive line and the pass rush.

“You can’t have it all,” Jones said.

If the Cowboys had kept Cooper, he would have counted $20 million against their cap this year. By trading him, they reduced that to a $6 million dead cap hit. The Browns then restructured his contract so that he counts only $4.9 million against the cap this year, but is then slated to have cap his of almost $24 million each of the next two years. The Cowboys could’ve kept Cooper and restructured his contract too, but they didn’t want those future cap hits.

So the real question is whether Jones and the Cowboys’ front office will make smart decisions with that cap savings in 2023 and beyond. And whether the Cowboys can use that money on players who will make a bigger impact than Cooper.

22 responses to “Jerry Jones: Amari Cooper is a real good player, the issue was how much we were paying him

  1. And yet Dak is a slightly above average QB that you are paying like an All-Pro MVP type QB.

  2. So if Jurrah says Cooper is a “top player,” how come he only got a fifth-round pick for him in return? Seems like back in 2019 Cooper was worth a first-rounder to Jones. For a billionaire, Jurrah doesn’t have much of a football business sense.

  3. Good sentiment. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans that applies to Elliott as well. And probably Prescott. If I were Jones I would fire the lousy GM who keeps giving out those bad contracts. And signing those lousy coaches. And who has put a team out there that has only won a couple playoff games in the last 26+ years.

  4. this is what happens when you overpay 1 player, usually the qb. you cant afford to keep talent around them. all teams do it, not just yhe boyz. but this is completely on the team ownership and the gm’s. they did this across the whole league by caving to ridiculous cash demands by did it, now live with the consequences

  5. So between the 24 million he will make and the crazy amount they are gonna pay Watson it’s almost half their cap space

  6. I do believe there’s a measure of “We paid you like a superstar, go be one” towards Dak. Parting with his best receiver never made sense. David Helman said even though he knows it isn’t true, it feels like they’re intentionally sabotaging the team.

  7. Agreed. Cooper is good but not for the money they were paying him. If I’m paying my wr 20 mil/year he better be able to catch the ball on 4th down (he didn’t vs Pitt). Cooper had a history of dropping the ball when the game was on the line. Cleveland historically overpays its players. Jones could only get a 5th cuz everyone knew he wasn’t worth the $$.

  8. This was a good move for the Boys Cooper isn’t any good he had stone hands years ago with my Raiders. Nothing to see here

  9. “how come he only got a fifth-round pick for him in return?”

    Coopers’ high salary is why the Browns only offered a 5th rounder. If Cooper’s contract were $10 Million, the Cowboys could have gotten a 2nd rounder for him

  10. Today I learned that you get richer from selling oil at shady prices to unsuspecting truckers than you do from drilling it from the ground.

  11. Moving on from cooper may not have been a bad thing except Jones did not have a plan in place to replace the production. That offense sucks now.

  12. So he wouldn’t pay Cooper 20 mil but is willing to pay Schultz 11 mil? Makes zero sense whatsoever.

  13. Jerry Jones is a moron. As if he couldn’t recover the amount through merch sales, parking lot prices and everything else he owns. The Cowboys will NEVER make it to another Super Bowl until a real GM is hired.

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