Justin Herbert uncertain about his status for Sunday

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chargers list quarterback Justin Herbert as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars. That’s exactly what it sounds like he is.

Herbert did not practice Friday after being limited Wednesday and Thursday with fractured rib cartilage.

Herbert said the “plan” is for him to work out before pregame warmups, making him a game-time decision.

“I don’t know,” Herbert said Friday when asked if he would play. “That’s a decision we’ve got a couple of days left to make. We don’t play today, and so we play on Sunday. Whatever the plan is, I know our team is going to be prepared and do everything we can. That decision will be made on Sunday. Haven’t ruled anything out.”

Herbert was asked if this is the most severe injury he’s ever had.

“I broke my femur, and that was pretty bad,” Herbert said, via Daniel Popper of TheAthletic.com.

Herbert’s uncertain status has affected the betting line for the game as Chase Daniel will start if Herbert can’t play.

19 responses to “Justin Herbert uncertain about his status for Sunday

  1. I don’t suppose taking a needle to the ribs is an option.
    I wonder if that same “doctor” who nearly killed Tyrod Taylor is still employed by the Chargers?

  2. I’m guessing it only hurts when he breathes. Seriously.

    This is the kind of injury that results in players taking insane amounts of over the counter pain meds (potentially damaging their kidneys) because they can’t take prescription pain killers.

  3. Chris Simms Doobie says:
    September 23, 2022 at 5:38 pm

    This is the kind of injury that results in players taking insane amounts of over the counter pain meds (potentially damaging their kidneys) because they can’t take prescription pain killers
    What are you talking about? Do you really think the QB of an NFL football team wouldn’t receive pain meds prescribed by team doctors for fractured rib cartilage? Sorry Justin, we’re going to need you to triple dose on over the counter Motrin.

  4. a big hit takes Herbert out for the season. why not see if the jags can beat their D and an O ran by Chase Daniel. even if they lose, they win by resting Herbert so he’s available the rest of the season. stupid to even think about starting Herbert, imo.

  5. minnifieldanddixon says:
    September 23, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    Chase Daniels. Man that guy has been riding easy street forever.


    Good insurance policies aren’t cheap. He’s been great as a backup.

  6. You just wouldn’t risk a worse injury, rest until he’s betters he’s got 10-15 years in him

  7. Jags pass rush seems legit … those dudes are always in the backfield. Don’t know if you’d want your star qb getting more dinged up and potentially missing even more.

    Just one game out of 17.

  8. It’s funny how every QB is allowed to get hit except Brady. Truly mind boggling how this is a topic never mentioned by anyone

  9. It’s only the 3rd game. The Chargers should let Herbert heal. Simply drawing breath is agony with a rib injury. That Jags defense is pretty good. I wouldn’t put him out there just yet.

  10. There is no reason to play him this week. You have the backup for a reason. BTW
    BTW Brady has taken 92 QB hits as a Buc. Refs allowed all 92 of them.

  11. I remember back in the Luv Ya Blue Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini days that Pastorini broke 3 ribs against Pittsburgh and was hospitalized. He suited up in a flak jacket and played a couple of weeks later and lead Houston to the AFC Championship game where they lost to Pittsburgh.

  12. Like many, I viewed the Bolts as a serious S.B. contender. However, after watching the game vs the Chiefs, as a non-partisan, I no longer feel that way. And this has nothing to do with the L versus a W. From the 1st to the 4th qtr, didn’t matter if it was O or D, on any play where hustle to the ball was required (say a 10+ yd play), and there were 1-2 dozen of them in this game, the Bolts players, the Bolts team, never hustled. The Chief players were always hustling to the ball, the Chargers, none of them, ever did; just a bunch of individuals, not a team. Go watch the play before the pick 6 in the 4thQ. The Bolts gained about 25 yds to go down inside the Chiefs 5, about 9 Chiefs players hustled down to the goal line, to the ball, in case something happened, no one but the Bolts receiver with the ball was in the area. Similar happened many times from start of the game to the finish. Something is missing with the Bolts, they aren’t a team; great talent, perhaps best roster, but not a team. As for Herbert this weekend, NO chance he is playing or should. If Chase Daniels is not good enough to give your team a chance to beat a team like the Jags (bad to okay team, non-conference), then why is he on the roster. This is the exact reason and perfect situation to use your backup QB if it’s even possibly needed.

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