Kyle Shanahan won’t freely address Jimmy Garoppolo’s remarks about feeling more freedom

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has a longstanding and well-earned reputation for having clear, rigid, and specific expectations when it comes to the manner in which his quarterback runs the offense. Starter turned backup turned starter Jimmy Garoppolo had some eyebrow-raising remarks earlier this week about feeling not quite so constricted in his latest stint under center.

Specifically, Garoppolo said after Sunday’s win over the Seahawks that he felt like it was 2017 again, a season in which he felt more freedom to throw the ball own the field. He was asked about those remarks on Thursday.

“I’d love that,” Garoppolo said Thursday. “Yeah, there’s a lot of things that go with that obviously, but yeah, I love doing that stuff. In ’17, there was a freedom where me, the receivers, tight ends, we had a good chemistry going. And when you get that with offensive skills and a quarterback, it makes for a tough offense.”

On Friday, Shanahan was asked about Garoppolo’s comments.

“You’d have to ask him what he meant by that,” Shanahan told reporters. “There was no difference in that game than every game, so you can ask him on that. It was probably just going in when the game plan is for someone else and just coming off and winging it and going with it. That’s what I would guess, but it sounds like that’s a question for him.”

Later in Friday’s press conference, Shanahan was asked whether he was surprised that Garoppolo was so willing to be outspoken about his preferences.

“No, I really don’t know the quote that he said,” Shanahan said. “I’m with Jimmy a lot, so nothing really surprises me. I get to talk to him every day. I hear your huge interpretations of that quote and you guys just said it. I can’t interpret it. I interpret it with my relationship with him every day, so just go ask him what he meant by it.”

Pressed on the issue again, Shanahan was ready to move on.

“I’m not going to waste my time with that, but you can,” Shanahan said. “I got some real stuff to do.”

Damn, Kyle. Don’t be so testy. Reporters are just doing their jobs. That’s the real stuff they do.

28 responses to “Kyle Shanahan won’t freely address Jimmy Garoppolo’s remarks about feeling more freedom

  1. “I’m not going to waste my time with that, but you can,” Shanahan said. “I got some real stuff to do.”
    Yeah like finding new ways to screw-up a team that probably could have won one — if not two Super Bowls if you would have just gotten out of the way.

    28-3, baby! You have an illustrious history…

  2. It’s nice being inside the head of all these reporters and madden experts that think they know better. See y’all in the playoffs!

  3. Shanahan is trying to figure out what the opponent’s defensive coordinator is thinking, not what somebody thinks somebody else meant something maybe, perhaps. Does that make sense? Now you know why Bill Belichick talks to the media the way he does. Pretty soon, a lot more coaches are going to be as “media friendly” as Belichick.

  4. Kyle Shanahan is happy he can open up and run the entire offense now with Jimmy Garoppolo. Shanahan had to cut down the offense almost in half so Trey Lance could run it,making it predictable and easy to defend.

  5. Well, there’s a price to pay for forcing a starter into being your backup. People celebrated the 49ers for their shrewdness in painting Garappolo into said corner. The 49ers badmouthed him, saying wouldn’t communicate during offseasons, constantly got injured, and chose surgery at an inopportune time. Like I said, there’s a price to pay… Garappolo should have no motivation to be a good soldier–the 49ers did him dirty. His future is no longer tied to pleasing Shanahan. Shanny’s future is tied to salvaging this season with Garappolo and salvaging the Lance investment thereafter.

  6. Well if you’re a jerk when people ask you pretty innocuous questions, maybe they’ll be too scared to ask if it was his intention or just pure ignorance that got Lance hurt.

  7. Same guy that couldn’t score one more In Atlanta and blew a big lead with Atlanta. Yeah he’s that guy, he will always be that guy. He’s a bad version of his dad and his dad is bad version of an NFL head coach.

  8. Kyle will be gone within 3 years, he has set that team back giving away all those draft picks for a QB that nobody would have taken in the first round. Kyle is a decent coach but not as good as he thinks he is.

  9. What Jimmy G said is true. He had great chemistry with guys back when he was starting. They went to the Super Bowl. What’s wrong with saying what he said? Shanahan can’t handle the truth.

  10. Translation: If Shanahan wasn’t holding me and the team back with his idiotic play calling we might have won a few more games. Good for JG for taking a not so subtle dig at the 42-45 “offensive genius”.

  11. Jimmy has nothing to lose, he can pretty much do anything or say anything he wants. Kyle Shanahan is a paper dragon at this point.

  12. I was wondering why couldn’t Jimmy play the way he did in 2017 because for years I always thought the New England style offense suited him perfectly with the short to immediate throws, a la Brady 2.0. I think in order to fit Kyle system, he was playing under the weight of a system that’s less suitable for him. His “freedom” was gone.

  13. This guy is such a FRAUD! The team had more rushing yards than pass yards. He only threw one touch down and once again he failed to throw even 200 yards. It’s the same thing every week. This guy is terrible and killing the 49ers who can only carry him so far.

  14. Jimmy means his contact is full of playing incentives. And now he’s playing with house money See what I did there) Good for him. Pay that man his money

  15. Kyle, when confronted with a full frontal assault by a prickly press, a rascally reporter, or just a silly scribe, always counter with a Full Frontal Belichickian. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to the Second Guess, the Bait And Switch, and of course, the Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

    Learn to play the game son.

  16. my guess is jimmy is feeling a lot more freedom, to speak and to maybe play a little looser, after the offseason he spent with the lynch and shanny holding him hostage. good for him. hope he plays well and walks, leaving the two geniuses with their prize draft pick and a handful of nothing.

  17. Sports reporters are the worst. Why ask the same question several times. It’s not even that hot a take.

  18. Wait until Kyle starts getting questioned about wasting all those draft picks on Lance when he already had a decent QB. That will be entertaining.

  19. kaepurnicus says:
    September 23, 2022 at 8:08 pm
    It’s nice being inside the head of all these reporters and madden experts that think they know better. See y’all in the playoffs!
    Playoffs? Where you heading? Los Angeles, Buffalo, Green Bay, Tampa, KC, Philly?

  20. The look on this guys face says it all in this photo. He is not a very likable person….downright detestable.

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