Mike McCarthy: There won’t be a dilemma, Dak Prescott is our QB

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Jerry Jones spent some time with reporters on Thursday and one of the things he shared with the group was that he would welcome a dilemma about who to start at quarterback once Dak Prescott is healthy enough to play.

Jones explained his position by saying it would mean that Cooper Rush has played well enough for the Cowboys to win games without Prescott, but it seemed like a stretch to seriously contemplate making a change if Prescott is back as quickly as Jones has suggested.

Whether Prescott is back in Week Four or not, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said that there isn’t going to be any dilemma about who starts once he’s ready to go.

“Clearly, everybody in our locker room and everybody in the building, Jerry included, Dak is our quarterback,” McCarthy said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We want Cooper to be successful as possible. So, I think it stops right there.”

If the Cowboys can beat the Giants on Monday night, they’ll have two wins with Rush in the starting lineup. That may not enough to create the kind of dilemma Jones envisions, but there’s not really much more anyone from the team could want from playing without Prescott.

22 responses to “Mike McCarthy: There won’t be a dilemma, Dak Prescott is our QB

  1. By the time Dakota comes back they will need a new coach if Jerry is smart. Dakota is out for a while none of this 4 game stuff is real.

  2. Newsflash, Mike … you aren’t in Green Bay anymnore, where there is no owner to meddle in your roster decisions. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you best start doing so.

  3. The Cowboys will do anything to try and remain relevant, because Jerry loves it when his team is the lead story regardless of whether or not it’s good news. Of course it’s Dak’s team, and no matter how well Cooper plays he’s the backup plain and simple. Personally I’d stick with whoever’s winning, and I’d leave things alone, but Jerry will mess it up cuz that’s what he does best

  4. Is there another sports team *anywhere* in the world that is this mediocre and this much in the news about nothing???
    This article was basically manufactured by Jones.

  5. dilemma (plural dilemmas or dilemmata)

    A circumstance in which a choice must be made between two or more alternatives that seem equally undesirable.

  6. Now you’ve done it! How dare you question Coach Jerruh! Sean Peyton has now been added to his speed dial.

  7. Well historically, the NFL is littered with bodies of starting QB’s who lost their job to a backup, while recovering from an injury. And not that long ago, with this very team. Tony Romo, anyone?

  8. Mike’s done after this season either way. Might as well go out week 10 in a public battle with Jerry.

  9. Isn’t that cute! He talks like a man who has the job security he actually doesn’t have! If Jurrah decided to start Santa Claus, he’ll play him and wait for Sean Peyton to replace him!

  10. What’s the over/under on the amount of games McCarthy will coach in 2022? If its 8 games, I would take the under.

  11. It would have been interesting how McCarthy would have fared with a competent personnel staff.

    Sad in a way, beacuse I think the way this has gone, its over for him.

  12. Doesn’t matter, Prescott is just another version of Romo. Fun to watch, will occasionally win a football game in spite of his limitations, but will never win a Superbowl or playoff game past the first round. Get used to it.

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