Agent: Micah Hyde out for season with neck injury

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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Bills safety Micah Hyde is not playing against the Dolphins on Sunday and his agent said he won’t be playing in any future games for the defending AFC East champs either.

Jack Bechta said in a tweet that Hyde will be placed on injured reserve because of the neck injury he suffered against the Titans in last Monday’s victory. Bechta added that they expect a healthy return for the 2023 season.

It’s a big loss to the Buffalo defense. Hyde has been a fixture in the secondary throughout the Bills’ recent run of success and he was a second-team All-Pro in 2021. He had seven tackles in the first two games of the season.

Jaquan Johnson is expected to start in place of Hyde against the Dolphins and should be in line for an extended run in the lineup. The Bills may also be without safety Jordan Poyer on Sunday as he’s listed as questionable with a foot injury. Damar Hamlin would start in his place.

30 responses to “Agent: Micah Hyde out for season with neck injury

  1. Pretty tough news, but it’s the NFL. The Bills have a ton of depth in the secondary. Jaquan Johnson has been w/ the team a few years and is ready to go.

    Feel bad for Hyde, though. Best to him for a quick & full recovery.

    And a reminder to a frequent poster on these boards: injuries on opposing teams are not something to gloat about.

  2. The wheels are already starting to fall off this dynasty. Same old Bills. Hope the dude can get better.

  3. Never like to see players go down with major injuries. Maybe this will caution the Bills fan that think their team has already won the SB. It’s a LONG season and usually injuries play a major part. Here’s to hoping he’s able to come back as the same player.

  4. Tremendous loss; next man up. Sean and Leslie have been the DB whisperers, Johnson’s time now.

  5. The Bills aren’t my team, but they’re a fun young team to watch. I hope they don’t have a potentially great season derailed by injuries.

  6. We’ll miss Micah. But Jaquan Johnson will semi-permanently start for the Bills for the first time in his hometown of Miami. He’ll be plenty motivated to show out. He led the Hurricanes in tackles one year in college. He’s no scrub.

  7. This is Miami’s chance, 4 defensive starters out, they’re riding high. If they can’t beat Buffalo now they never will.

    BUF 38
    MIA 27

  8. I’ve lost count of how many Packers have had their careers ended by neck injuries.

    Sincerely hope that is not the case here!!

  9. Oh boy it looks like the Bills Mafia have their built in excuse when they fail to reach the promised land. The delusional fan base in Buffalo were already planning their Superbowl parade after last weeks win, and now it’s gonna be excuse time…Oh what could have been Buffalo…What could have been

  10. Bills fans turned so thin skinned once they got some success and were the punchlines of jokes

  11. Buffalo looks stacked and almost unbeatable. They are sound in every aspect. But injuries can derail even the best team. Unfortunately, that’s part of the game. Hope it’s not a career-ender. And I am not a Buffalo fan. I’m a fan of good sound football.

  12. Best wishes to Micah on his recovery.

    Frustrating. The team has been crap for 62 years, they finally have a blip of goodness, and you have to sit it out.

  13. Bills haters flocking. Remember the last time a safety was put on IR and it cost a team the SB. Me neither. Bills still have Allen. Get used to the bills since they ain’t going anywhere.

  14. If Miami can’t take advantage of Buffalo missing possibly ALL 4 of their starting defensive backfield, especially with Hill and Waddle running loose back there, they deserve to lose.

  15. Not only is Micah a BALLER, he’s also a leader and one of the players the fans wanted to see ride the train to our first Super Bowl. Best wishes, #23.

    That being said, the reason Poyer didnt get a new contract is because we have young guys ready. Go get em,Jaq!

  16. Pats fans in here gloating like the Bills aren’t STILL going to curb stomp them right out of playoff contention

  17. First off I hope he makes a full recovery. A season ending neck injury is a scary thing. Football wise that’s a big loss for the Bills, dude is a major factor on that defense.

  18. The Bills may have 6 starters out on Defense 4 DBs and 2 DTs. I haven’t seen where anyone on Offense is out or how Miami intends to stop the Bills. The Dolphins may get a TD or 2 but there should be enough Sushi for everyone after Josh carves up the fish. Go Bills !

  19. Hate to see this. Hyde is a great player and a huge loss for the Bills defense and I wish him well in the future. As a Dolphin fan I know this should make it easier for my team to win but that is not what I want.

    I would really like to play the Bills when they are at full strength and we are at full strength. That is the only true measuring stick as to how close or far away we are from being considered a playoff team.

    If we can beat the Bills I want it to be because we were the better team, not because we were the healthiest team.

    For the Bills fans who are still gloating that this should be a blowout?? This isn’t the same team you’ve played in the past.

  20. “For the Bills fans who are still gloating that this should be a blowout?? This isn’t the same team you’ve played in the past.”

    This Bills fan agrees.

    And I’m glad to see the Dolphins improve so much. I’m really looking forward to the battles in the years ahead.

  21. Not sure what’s more ridiculous, Jerry Jones being a medical expert or player agents.

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