ESPN Milwaukee presses pause on Brett Favre’s weekly appearances

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The consequences are commencing for Brett Favre.

Recent developments in the ongoing Mississippi welfare-fraud scandal have resulted in ESPN Milwaukee temporarily suspending Brett Favre’s weekly appearances on the station.

A spokesperson from ESPN Milwaukee told A.J. Perez of that the appearances have been “paused.”

The move comes at a time when scrutiny is increasing on those who continue to do business with Favre, given the suspicion that he has given the business to some of the poorest people in one of the nation’s poorest states. In recent weeks, the story has developed and expanded to a point at which Favre’s involvement has become undeniable. The only question seems to be what he knew and when he knew it about where the money came from.

Favre also has relationships with SiriusXM and The 33rd Team. Neither responded to Perez’s inquiries regarding Favre’s status with those outlets.

The Hall of Fame quarterback has yet to be accused of wrongdoing. The FBI reportedly has interviewed him.

Favre’s involvement in the scandal first came to light in May 2020, when reports emerged that he had received $1.1 million for work he allegedly didn’t do. He has denied wrongdoing, but he repaid the money. Most recently, the story has generated text messages showing that Favre secured $5 million from the federal welfare fund for construction of a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi. In one text message, Favre expresses concern that the media will become aware of the payment.

In recent days, complaints have emerged (largely on social media) that the media is ignoring the story. However, NBC Nightly News has had at least two stories on the situation in recent weeks. Also, PFT has posted at least 20 stories on Favre’s connection to the scandal.

Then there’s the simple fact that Favre hasn’t played in more than a decade. He’s simply not relevant to the current NFL. If a high-profile quarterback currently on an NFL roster (say, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers) were implicated in a similar controversy, it would be a much bigger deal.

It will be a much bigger deal if/when Favre is arrested or charged. If he’s guilty of wrongdoing, he absolutely should be.

25 responses to “ESPN Milwaukee presses pause on Brett Favre’s weekly appearances

  1. The love of money is every rich Republicans biggest motivator and Favre is no different whether its taking political donations and spending the money on yourself or your lawyers like trump or lying to banks about your net worth when its nessessary for huge loans or evading taxes like trump.Favre never needed the money,he could have afforded to build the volleyball stadium himself with his own money.

  2. As this story has been unfolding there’s been an ad from “hallow” on Instagram offering customers a chance to “pray with Brett Favre.” Only a Hail Mary might save the ol’ Gunslinger

  3. For what it’s worth, it has also been on ABC News with David Muir at least once. No one is ignoring this story.

  4. I truly cannot wait for the ‘Gunslinger’ Hollywood adaptation of Brett Favre’s life – from an “aww shucks, let me throw the ball, pa!” High Schooler, to the unlikely college football safety who became a starter at Southern Miss, to the 3-time MVP Superbowl winning QB, to the drug-addled pain-killer addicted All-Pro, to the flip-flopping “I love football more than life itself… so I think I should retire” walking contradiction, to causing a rift with Packers management, sending unsavory pics to Jen Sterger, getting mixed up in weird start-ups, repairing his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, to now being involved in a bizarre welfare scandal. Get Martin Scorsese to direct, and Liam Hemsworth to star as Favre, and get this into production NOW.

  5. Mr Favre better lawyer up. Who knows what else that governor and his cronies have done with public and federal funds.

  6. Most people accept that with 600M+ Americans, we all are born into different stations in life and deal with individual challenges .. Some people climb up to a new place and inspire others while most struggle to do the same .. But powerful, wealthy folks who abuse their privilege and take advantage of others — are the lowest kind of scummy life on Earth ..

  7. Farve’s attorney has stated he didn’t know where the money for the volleyball stadium was coming from. If he was concerned the media would find out about it then he absolutely knew where it was coming from. The whole thing stinks to high heaven…

  8. And to think the Green Bay Packers honored this guy by retiring his number. Actually seems fitting now that I think about it.

  9. If Americans were as critical on politician’s, all politicians at all levels, as they are on athletes, this country would be in far better shape.

  10. Favre being concerned that news of the money for the volleyball court becoming public points to him having knowledge that the money was dirty……but lets wait until all the facts come out.

    But if it is proven that Favre did knowingly take welfare money, he should be in prison, along with the state officials that procured the money.

  11. Favre lying and using his privilege for his personal benefit.
    Rodgers lying and using his privilege for personal benefit.

    They’re the same picture.

  12. Farve says he did nothing wrong yet repaid the money for the no show jobs. The more details that come out paint an ugly picture of a rich man wielding power for personal gain, sadly a common story since the beginning of time. Stealing from the poorest citizens of his state is disgusting, I truly hope he is held accountable for his despicable actions. Something tells me he’ll use his wealth and fame to get off lightly unlike the citizens he stole from would. I used to admire Favre the player but Farve the man is not even remotely someone I would look up to.

  13. He also took credit for securing the $5 mil for the volleyball facility and people praised him for it

  14. Jameis Winston still gets mocked for taking $27 worth of crab legs almost 10 years ago and was ruthlessly torn down in the media before he played in the NFL. Where are the same outraged folks now?

  15. Viking’s legend Brett Favre still owes interest on the $1.1 mil. Still not the worst ex Viking…that honor goes to Darren Sharper. Maybe the third worst, Adrian Peterson, can come back from being knocked out and take a switch to both of them. What a filthy organization.

  16. If you read the text messages that have been released this doesn’t look good for Favre. He might have bigger problems than the PR hit to his reputation.

  17. No love of money by the democrats, though, right billh1947? You know, a couple recent former presidents and the current one. They haven’t enriched themselves a bit . . . oh wait.

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