Packers place Sammy Watkins on IR

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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The Packers will be without receiver Sammy Watkins for at least four weeks.

Green Bay announced on Saturday that the club has placed Watkins on injured reserve.

Watkins is dealing with a hamstring injury. He was a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice but didn’t participate on Thursday or Friday and was ruled out for the Week Three matchup against Tampa Bay.

Watkins caught three passes for 93 yards in the victory over the Bears last week. He has six receptions on seven targets for 111 yards on the season.

The Packers have been dealing with multiple injuries in their receiving corps this week. Allen Lazard missed one practice and was limited in the two others but he is expected to play. Rookie Christian Watson (hamstring) didn’t practice on Thursday or Friday and is questionable. Randall Cobb (illness) didn’t practice all week and is questionable.

As a corresponding move for Watkins going on IR, the Packers signed running back Patrick Taylor to the 53-man roster off the practice squad. The club also elevated receiver Juwann Winfree to the roster for Sunday’s game.

42 responses to “Packers place Sammy Watkins on IR

  1. This is what I worried about when they signed him. He’s a injury time bomb waiting to explode. Romeo Oh Romeo,… where art thou Romeo,….
    Time for Romeo Doubs to step up. Yes he’s a rookie,… but he didn’t look like a rookie in training camp or preseason games.

  2. It doesn’t matter. Rodgers is expected to lead this team to a SuperBowl victory. Whoever the receivers are does not matter. Practicing with all the receivers as frequently as possible during the off-season was not a concern to Rodgers, that’s how good he is. He’s being paid for a SuperBowl victory. He made the bed, he can sleep in it. No SuperBowl victory this year? Buh bye Rodgers.

  3. Sammy is like that British sports car, you only get to drive it about 3 weeks out of the year because its always got something you need to fix.

  4. No problem because green bay has the WR depth to make up for losing watkins….wait a minute

  5. It’s like Lucy with the football…every time. I fell for it again. He seemed to say all the right things and understand that this might be his best, last chance. Swore he’d make it 4 weeks.

  6. This is a guy who has shown the ability to put up absolute monster single games in college and the pros, but he cannot sustain it and he is constantly hurt. It’s a shame.

  7. It’s the Packers fault for signing this thief. His whole deal is to sign a contract, make it through camp and a couple games, go on IR with a soft tissue injury that most would play through, then rinse and repeat the next season. Hope this is his last stop.

  8. Whether its his mind or body, this guy can never reach his potential.
    He has always had the talent …

  9. And all those brilliant Packer fans wanted them to sign Julio Jones. If he even plays this week he either doesn’t finish the game or is out for the next one. Sammy is not much different but I’d hoped he wasn’t as fragile as Julio. Turns out, he is. The Packers drafted plenty of WRs. They’ll come around.

  10. To be fair, I’ll bet the GB brain trust knew this would happen and are banking on the 2019 playoff Watkins to come through like he did for KC.

  11. Remember when the Bills traded Two Number one picks to move up to take Sammy?

    Amazing physical gifts, but always hurt, and some issues with knowing the playbook. If Sean McVay didn’t want him back with the Rams (after that trade) then, you know Watkins just has limitations.

    The player the giants took and didn’t have to trade up to get was ODB dr–While ODB has had his own issues, he has been vastly more productive than Watkins ever was. And yes, he had injuries, but nothing like Sammy.

  12. What a dumb signing. It’s almost like Gutey decided to shove a bunch of also-rans and youngsters down Rodgers throat for all the grief Rodgers has caused him the last couple years, which frankly is a mistake cause Rodgers carrying that team is likely the only reason he still has a job.

  13. Jeez what a big shocker! the guy has been washed for years why the hell did they sign him anyways? Should have stuck with Adams and paid the man whatever he wanted.

  14. Sammy is a clever businessman, playing well in the preseason and post season, raking in millions while subjecting his body to little turmoil. He’s good, but only one man is at the genius level – QB Chase Daniels, paid $36 million over 12 years so far, $4.5 million per TD pass.

  15. hamlet423 says:
    September 24, 2022 at 4:21 pm
    Remember when the Bills traded Two Number one picks to move up to take Sammy?

    No, they swapped first round picks in 14, and traded a first and fourth for 15’ draft.

  16. This week, Sammy will probably have stats similar to what our Justin Jefferson had against the Eagles.

  17. His contract is basically all incentive driven. At least the Packers were smart to do that. I think his salary was $1.2 mil. Cap hit is $1.7 mil

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