Tyreek Hill: 2-0 Dolphins vs. 2-0 Bills is going to be crazy, we’re looking forward to it

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill can’t wait to face the Bills on Sunday.

Hill knows the Bills are widely regarded as the best team in the NFL, but he says he and his teammates are up to the task.

It’s going to be a crazy game, two 2-0 teams, division game,” Hill said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “It’s going to be crazy. Atmosphere is going to be crazy. Attitude, energy all over the field. The best is supposed to want to play the best. You shouldn’t run from no challenge. I know this team is looking forward to it.”

Hill said he’s been reminding some of his younger players that they just need to go out there and do what they do well.

“I don’t say they fear the Bills,’ Hill said. “Probably a little more respect. For me, my message to them is it’s just another football game. Do what we’ve been doing our whole life. And let’s be fast. You see this offense is electric, and one thing NFL defenses fear is speed.”

Despite some significant defensive injuries that could make it tough to stop Hill, the Bills are 5.5-point favorites against the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday.

25 responses to “Tyreek Hill: 2-0 Dolphins vs. 2-0 Bills is going to be crazy, we’re looking forward to it

  1. Week 3 Tyreek will finally understand the difference between having Mahomes throwing you the ball and Kelce taking 2-3 defenders away from him.

    Tua has been abysmal against the Bills. 1 td 4 interceptions and Tua doesn’t have a good feel for pocket pressure and you’ll see that on Sunday.

    When Reek played Buffalo with Mahomes, Mahomes was literally unsackable no matter how many defenders were coming at him.

    Send one guy at Tua and he doesn’t even feel him until the play is blown up.

    They’ve played two weeks against abysmal defenses and they are going against the best Bills defense the Josh Allen Era; btw he’s 7-1 vs Miami.

  2. Bet the Dolphins as half the Bills starting defense isn’t playing. Short week, Florida humidity, two rookies on Hill and Waddle, and Poyer/Hyde likely out. Easy money.

  3. The Bills have been preparing 2 years for Poyer and Hydes replacement. Sunday you’ll see the new, younger future safeties step up the plate and ensure Bills dominance for years to come!

  4. With Hill & Waddle this isn’t a cakewalk for the Bills. You can’t smother both of them so one will have opportunities.

  5. It’s a good test for the Dolphins but the Bills are very strong. I’ve been impressed with the new offence but the D needs to step up this week. In McDaniels we trust!

  6. Miami has a ton of talent they are a totally different team from last year under McDaniel. It should be a great game.

  7. Bills have owned the fins. It will be good to see how they measure up with all these new options on offense. The OL still worries me against this D. I just hope it’s fun to watch.

  8. Should be a heck of a game as the Bills are the better team but are missing players on defense to slow Hill and Waddle down. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to the last series with Miami having the ball or the Bills will crap the bed against Tyreek, again.

  9. Not looking forward to it as much. Too many injuries to truly reflect the abilities of both teams, especially the Bills secondary.

  10. Should be a heck of a game to watch. Strengths on both teams, but in the end the Bills will get a W. It’ll come down to Josh v. Tua, right? Go Bills!

  11. It’s a great early-season challenge for the Bills – heading to Miami, playing the best WR duo on the league, mostly backups in the secondary.

    No injury excuses, though – both teams are missing guys, and depth is part of the game. Teams that want to win championships overcome adversity along the way.

    Really looking forward to this one. Fun to have a meaningful rivalry w/ the Phins again.

  12. Hopefully both teams show up and we get the best of them both, making for a great division rival game.

    GO PHINS!!!

  13. No one seems to remember the Bills offense is the best. Miami will never be able to keep up with them. They will drop 40.

  14. Seasons still really early so I’m of the mind that you really can’t decide what a team is right now. Unless you’re the colts or bengals. They just look broken but I digress. Nobody had questions about hill or waddle all the questions were focused at Tua and for me, those questions still remain. Maybe by week 10 I’ll stop having questions if he continues what he’s doing but I have doubts

  15. This Bills fan is as eager as anyone to see what kind of depth they have in their defensive backfield.
    Beane has so far managed to find talent that has been unheralded previously.

  16. The Bill appear to be the best team in the NFL and are strong both on offense and defense.
    As a Dolphin fan I believe we have a chance but it will need to be a high scoring game. Hope for a fast start. Keeping the Bill’s defense guessing will be key and so will buying time for Tua in the pocket.
    Time for Tua to win the first one against the Bills.

  17. As a bills fan I’ve been hearing that the backup DB’s have shined in practice and drills against out WR group and could fill in when needed. We’ll here we are and based on previous secondary decisions of this regime they get far more right then wrong.
    Benford looking like a steal – we rush 4 and can still get pressure, we’ll dare them to run with brackets on both sides – they’ll get their yards but we have to keep the script our favor. It might be 44-35 honestly but if the bills hold ‘em under 28 missing all 4 ‘starters’ in secondary I’ll consider it a success

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